12 Creative and Unusual Candles

12 Creative and Unusual Candles

Collection of modern candles and unusual candle designs that will help you set the mood in style.

Money to Burn Candle

Burning money in this economy would seem a bit absurd, unless you were using a Money to Burn Candle.

Money Candle

5 Minute Candles

Designed to look like an ordinary book of matches, each package contains 10 small candles.

5 Minute Candles

Book of Matches Candle


Cool candle with extremely flat design reveals its inner wick structure that defines the path through which the fire will travel.


Bleeding Candle

They look like ordinary candles until they are lit. Then, as they melt, they ooze bloody wax down their sides.

Bleeding Candle

Beer Scented Candle

Guys will love the fresh brewery fragrance that smells just like a cold one! Full scent concentration used throughout, so the candle smells just as good each time you burn it.

Beer Scented Candle

Electronic Candle

Aram Bartholl has used a combination of resistance wire, copper wire, switch, and 12V power transformer to light a candle. [more]

Electronic Candle

Coffee Cup Candle

Unique candle design by Denis Belenko looks like a cup of coffee.

Coffee Cup Candle

80 Hour Candle

The festive Red Cinnamon scented 80 Hour candle allows you to set the amount of time it burns before it automatically extinguishes itself.

80 Hour Candle

LED Blow On-Off Candles

Regular candles will blow out if you blow on the flame, but these LED candles will also blow on.

LED Blow On-Off Candles

Explosive Candles

Candles in shape of real bombs and dynamites. Made in Russia.

Explosive Candles

LEGO Candle

Burn those memories of childhood brightly with LEGO brick candles.

LEGO Candle

Chalkboard Candle

Hand-poured in Los Angeles with 100% unscented soy wax. All candles come gift boxed with a chalk pack.

Chalkboard Candle

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  1. Megan

    I love creative candles! The Lego one is my favourite.

  2. Numanul Subhani

    Love the LED one…. nice to have a set of those on my dinner table….

  3. maddox

    Those explosives are…DYNAMITE!

  4. ahmed farouk

    wow, the last design is wonderful

  5. Trevor Woodpecker

    What brilliant candles, I love them all. The bleeding candles – perfect for Halloween, Burning money – we all wish we could do that, Explosive candles – what a blast, A coffee with an old flame, building with Lego, A whiff of beer or strike a light match book, but I think my favourites by a Gnats whisker are the LED on-off candles.
    All together – superb!!

  6. lano

    I like the BRAVIT candle best. Have’nt seen anything like it before!

  7. Gourmet Candles

    These are some cool designs. I have never seen a Lego Candle.

  8. tech-mad

    agrees with lano. that’s really unique.

  9. Ali

    The BRAVIT candle is amazing. It blew my mind. The 80 hour candle is a pretty interesting concept as well.

  10. Julie

    The coffee cup one’s really cute and the 80 hour one’s dead smart!

  11. Karen

    wow, in the LCD or LED (cant remeber) candles, the guy used an air gun/ air bazooka or something to put out the candles :D i have a yellow one, their so fun but annoying :P i love the candles though, like the chalk ones, you could have the coolest candles ever with like cute little drawings on them!

  12. Dan

    “Candles in shape of real bombs and dynamites.”
    Is that what real bombs look like these days?

  13. alay

    Im def going to try the wick path candle and a few others with the next batch of candles i make.

  14. Karin Stewart

    Very creative ideas!

  15. Laura

    I really like the BRAVIT candle. I have a really cool candle shaped exactly like a hand complete with palm print and hairs it has a wick at the end of each finger. Its from Madame tussauds :)

  16. emmajane

    The Bravit and 80-hour candles are really cool, but the bleeding one just looks fake.

  17. Alice

    wow! I have never seen any candle like these before

  18. Somebody

    I love all those candles there so cool.

  19. Ashley Parlow

    I love the LED blow on and off :)

  20. christine morris

    Wow these Candles are so unsual, you are very talented. :)

  21. Paul

    not so sure about the beer scented candle

  22. Vicki tucker

    Im trying to find a candle that has the scent of a blown out candle…i love the smell when you blow out your candles!!

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