Never Ending Candle

Never Ending Candle

Innovative candle holder designed by Benjamin Shine collects melted wax and shapes it into a brand new candle.

“Rekindle” holder allows people to use / burn one candle multiple times.

Regenerating Candle

Innovative Candle

Rekindle Candle

Benjamin Shine

Rekindle Candle by Benjamin Shine

Rekindle Candle

Candle by Benjamin Shine

Benjamin Shine Candle

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  1. Barrie Hall


  2. gunneos

    great idea, though where does the new thread come from?

  3. Swiper Fox

    Its a hoax.
    Candles when lighted evaporate majority of its wax.
    Very little wax remains of a burnt-out candle.

  4. Habub

    So cool!!!

  5. wawan

    not in real life. the melted wax will getting cold and clog in the top of the mold. it won’t fill up all the way down through the molding

  6. Khurram

    cool idea, but i doubt if the remains of burnt candles comes out as refined as look in last picture, since left out wax becomes solid & won’t mixed up until reheated!

  7. Falcy

    Good Idea, but the wax will burn out at some point.

  8. Gert

    Depends on the type of wax Fox. Some will, some will drip considerably.

  9. Aida Dolken

    Wow…cool…good idea for recycle wax

  10. ashwin

    Fake, the candle burns because of the burning of the wax and not the thread itself. what do u think provides the fuel for candle to burn for so long ……the wax itself, though a little amount of wax is wasted but surely that won’t last you eternity this way

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