Laptop Case Workstation

Laptop Case Workstation

Openaire is a hybrid of a laptop case, portable workstation, and a chair.

Designed by Beau and Nick Trincia, Openaire consists of a laptop sleeve that acts as a desk and a protective shell that functions as a chair.

Portable Workstation

Openaire Laptop Case


Openaire Workstation


Notebook Case

Modern Workstation

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  1. Moist Popcorn

    Not something I would use but very cool idea.

  2. Heru

    If that chair dont fall backward it’s a usefull thing. I liked the design to put on the lap.

  3. di.late

    personally I wouldn’t want the chair but the “desk” would definitely use

  4. Jessica

    Very cool, definitely would get if I had the money.

  5. Giobunny

    Love the idea!
    I would buy it.

  6. enav

    good idea i got to say

  7. chazzzz

    and when it rains ? love the concept, but rain would stop play

  8. ran

    very creative…….

  9. Habibies

    so cool love it

  10. Julie

    Haha wow that’d be very cool for in Summer when you can’t get a seat in the library.

  11. graftik

    way cooler than it looks like

  12. Junnie

    @chazzzz You probably shouldn’t be using a computer/desk/office chair combo outside in the rain in the first place. :P

  13. Shabaz

    The last picture (girl on grass) is photoshopped. See closely.

  14. Reza

    cool and creative

  15. jumanicus

    id buy it if the chair looked heavy duty, or at least not as flimsy lookin, it looks like it would break at 80 kg, but thats just me, over all 2/5

  16. CeeCee

    Thats awesome! I love it.

  17. raymond simandjuntak


  18. Francis

    Interesting idea – but I don’t think they’ve even made a prototype yet. All those “photos” are made in photoshop.

  19. Horace

    wondering how heavy that whole thing is. like the idea, but wouldn’t want to carry that dam thing around.

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