Amazing Paper Art

Amazing Paper Art

Russian artists Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich create three-dimensional art out of paper.

Detailed paper sculptures and colorful backgrounds are made with the help of sharp knives, tweezers, rulers, metal wire, and scissors.

Happy New Year

Paper Diving

Night Watch

Paper Flight

The Beatles

Paper Beatles

Elvis Presley

Paper Elvis Presley

Michael Jackson

Paper Michael Jackson

Bob Marley

Paper Bob Marley

Freddie Mercury

Paper Freddie Mercury


Paper Photographer

The Simpsons

Paper Simpsons


Paper Mafia

Paper Office

Paper Office

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  1. Van


  2. Lau

    like it!

  3. Tito

    it very very very very cool the simpsons

  4. Shannah

    By far probably one of my MOST favourite posts put up by yet~each one looks absolutely perfect! Absoltuely incredibly beautiful work!

  5. Erik van Erne

    Beautiful work.

  6. AdrianLee

    Like it So much

  7. Shaun

    I cannot describe but as a face of many of the entity of pure creativty, art and inspiration good job! Keep up the amazingness!

  8. Tiffosy


  9. El hoodo Clawo

    Fantastic, especially the Daywatch scene (with the truck about to somersault).

  10. C├ęcile

    Love this! I like how the Elvis one is kind of chubby, haha.

  11. Mohamed Abdel-Lateef

    Awesome ! ^___*

  12. Art of Concept

    OMG! Truly amazing art! Love this creative conceptual art! Thumbs up!

  13. woops

    This is great!!

  14. forouq

    i like it so much. i try to make them.:)))))

  15. Alex


  16. Mike

    So cooool. Russian artists are very creative.

  17. Ben

    Wow ! Really nice ! I love it !

  18. bert

    i really really love it

  19. atef

    very creative

  20. ran

    my….those are great *thumbs up*

  21. pb

    incredible detail! i love their work! Thanks for posting this!

  22. Irondey

    without words!! just expression…. woowwww… smile… happy face… open mouth… and I want to see it here in mexico.. are you here now? You should come… Hugs!

  23. Deb


  24. Koi Koi


  25. iMishux

    Absolutely Creative and Unique! LOVE IT!

  26. Kez

    You realize it’s not just Freddie Mercury, but the entirety of Queen represented, right? Kind of sad the other 3/4 of Queen aren’t named, just Freddie!

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