Inflatable Water Park

Inflatable Water Park

Modular amusement parks, designed by German company Wibit, feature climbing walls, balance beams, swings, trampolines, and slides.

Inflatable water parks are available in many different configurations. They can be easily assembled and installed in lakes, oceans, and large pools.

Wibit Water Park

Wibit Inflatable Water Park

Water Park

Wibit Sport Park

Inflatable Climbing Wall

Amusement Park

Inflatable Life Guard

Inflatable Amusement Park

Inflatable Waterpark

Inflatable Slide

Inflatable Bouncer


Wibit Amusement Park

Inflatable Goal

Inflatable Balance Beam

Inflatable Swing

Inflatable Trampoline


Inflatable Water Toys

Wibit Waterpark

Inflatable Park

Wibit Sports Park

Wibit Aqua Park

Aqua Park

Wibit Park

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  1. Adam

    Um… Coolest thing ever?

  2. nanobelle


  3. Pilicks

    A version of this is available in the Philippines at the CWC (Camarines Sur WaterSports Complex)

  4. Bob

    Walmart carries a lot of these on their website now

  5. James


  6. Gert

    Cool, a big version of the one my son has in the back yard.

  7. Enrico Martinez

    Wow! That’s cool…

    since it was in the sea, near the beach…
    Lots of water splashing…
    Jaws will gonna love this. (LOL)

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