Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock

Comfortable hammock bed for your cat designed to be installed underneath regular chair or under a table.

Innovative Cat Crib will transform unused space in your home into a soft bed for your favorite pet.

Available in different colors. Washing machine safe. [order]

Hammock for your Cat

Pet Hammock

Cat Bed

Cat Crib

Cat Cradle

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  1. tioedong

    ok: How did you convince the cat to sleep there instead of on top of the chair or sofa?

  2. Dominic

    lol, this is so ridiculous! My cats wouldn’t give it the time of day…

  3. Barrie G. Hall

    @ Tioedong

    Considering my cat prefers to be under something then on top of it, I am sure this would work with her. However if it’s not made out of a box she won’t use it.

  4. Gert

    Trained cat Tieodong. Trained cat. Russian blues are very smart generally. I have a mix of my neighbor’s trampy Russian Blue and my horny old tom cat. Both of them were quite bright as far as cats go.

  5. nope...

    by virtue of the fact that this is FOR cats means that cats will not use it. if it were for people then it would work wonderfully.

  6. Vinz Clortho

    Cats = cat hair. Ick.

  7. Max

    Like any other cat product out there my cats would never use this. 5 cent cardboard shoebox wins again

  8. Greg

    LOL. Gert, you think you can train a cat? Cats train you…

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