15 Amazing Cheese Sculptures

15 Amazing Cheese Sculptures

Sarah Kaufmann, also known as “The Cheese Lady”, creates incredible food sculptures by using Cheddar cheese as her canvas.

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 2

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 3

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 4

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 5

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 6

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 7

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 8

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 9

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 10

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 11

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 12

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 13

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 14

Amazing Cheese Sculptures 15

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  1. Lillian

    Woah! Awesome!!!

  2. Eric

    There’s definitely talent there… and yet, I can’t get my mind off the room temperature, yellow, festering curds with lots skin oil and sweat smeared all over them. Bleah.

  3. Karin Stewart

    CHEEZE WHIZ! GABP made the cut! I can’t believe that. For those of you NOT from Cincinnati, that’s Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds. Really nice work!

  4. Dominic

    Lame… cool though!

  5. Steve

    Mind blowing…!!!

  6. Chad


  7. Ananya

    Cheeeeeeeese! Delicious artwork!

  8. Karen

    that is awesomely weird :P haha, reminds me of this one show where the guy sculpted the butter fair’s mascot from butter :P then it melted….

  9. marker

    I am sorry people, but this is disaster. It has nothing to do with art and if yes than it has to be really low art. you can give those kind of kitsch to your grandmother or just throw it away. all those american patriotic themes make me sick. quality of that webpape is going rapidly down. go on yatzer.com to see better stuff.

  10. lily

    marker- the only thing i agree with your statement is that you cant really display this kind of thing and there is no point in making is because of that. But thats no reason for you to not enjoy this-if you think that then you find another site to amuse you.

  11. MochiPu

    disaster? low art? what’s wrong with it?? @________@
    just close this page if you hate it >:(

  12. alka chadha

    relly refreshing:) one would hate to eat it and rather preserve it forever as an art work..keep it up!!!

  13. bima surya andara

    I love your idea! I love creative people!

  14. Graydian

    this is great! the chese thing makes me want to vomit, but if they wore gloves im cool with that.

  15. Vinita Michael

    u need patience, skill and more to come up wid somethin like that… kudos!!

  16. Kathy

    Mr. Marker, each to his own. That\’s the beauty of cyberworld, if you don\’t like what you see, with one little click, it\’s gone!!! Avail yourself of that feature. I think that she has done something fun and whimsical and she is obviously talented. Would it be art if were in marble rather than cheese? Please, don\’t be such a snob and look at the fun of it or \”click\”.

  17. Terri

    Mr.Marker..Why is it so a disaster??..What do you do to bring pleasure into someone\’s life…
    If you don\’t like it than I suggest you just delete it, but I see envy in your e-mail…
    So prove your worth and create your own disaster…..

  18. emily and hannah

    this is awsome!!! i love cheese rockv on from Hannnah Dirks

  19. emily and hannah

    that is not my last nme dirk

  20. Reilly

    This could be feeding the poor. But it’s pretty cool.

  21. david

    I see it like sidewalk art, its gone at the first rain. no one complains about sidewalk art. i wouldnt want to eat cheese that has been handles that much tho.

  22. the cheese man

    Dude…don’t diss cheese

  23. Raads

    ya man! cheese is the greatest! sculpted or not!

  24. Muenster Cheese

    OMG CHEESE<3333

  25. Fellow Cheese artist

    All of you who are hating on this are just jerks. The point to making this is for general consumption. It is a green form of edible art because as it’s made all pieces that come off are consumed and then the “art” itself is eaten as well. If you’re creating for a party you do wear gloves, no one is stupid enough to expect people to eat it if you don’t. It has as much right to be considered a type of art as sand, ice, or chocolate sculpture. So there *raspberry* :P

  26. Kevin

    I love cheese, these sculptures are amazing!

  27. Name

    The only thing I have to say in the negative area is spongebob’s nose is wrong and seems unfitting. Other than that, these are wonderful.

  28. brian

    yo wasup guys i am a professional cheese sculpter and a professional planker i like cheese

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