Cheese Grater Business Card

Cheese Grater Business Card

Creative and innovative business card designed by JWT advertising agency for Bon Vivant cheese store in Brazil.

Metal business card grates all kinds of delicious cheese and other food.

Perfect gift for cheese lovers and collectors of unique business cards.

Grater Business Card

Bon Vivant Business Card

Grater Card

Bon Vivant Cheese Grater Business Card

Bon Vivant Cheese Grater

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  1. Dave

    Great :)

  2. Chewie

    Erm was it just me or was that the most amount of grating for the least amount of cheese? Would be the jaw breaker to bring that to a client or interview, amazing card.

  3. Patrick

    Dave I hope you meant to say: “Grate” (pun intended).
    I am tired of this space getting filled up with tweaters one word opinion comments.
    Oh, and not only was that a large amount of cheese from that grater, but the grated cheese pieces are larger that the grater holes. Hmmmm.

  4. Amy

    Ouch. Imagine cutting yourself on that by accident! D:

    Creative: Yes
    Practical: No

  5. Snufkin

    A little cheesy… ^^

  6. Barrie Hall

    As a chef I wouldn’t use this at all, however the idea behind it being a functioning business card is an amazing idea.

  7. goobly

    Isn’t that grate.

  8. Kymberli Brady

    I have a client looking to use these as his new business cards. Does anyone know where I could find the manufacturer?

  9. Monica

    Where can i find a manufactured?

  10. Emilie

    Hello! Where could I please find the manufacturer? Thanks!

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