Fork Knife Chopsticks

Fork Knife Chopsticks

Innovative knife and fork can be connected and transformed into chopsticks.

Lekue Twin One portable utensils are compatible with all types of food.

Use knife and fork to eat delicious meat steak and then easily transform them into chopsticks when it is time for sushi. [order]

Fork and Knife Chopsticks

Lekue Twin One

Lekue Twin One Chopsticks

Knife Fork Chopsticks

Lekue Twin One Utensils

Knife and Fork Chopsticks

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  1. sgh


  2. Pewds'Bro

    chopsticks for newbies :D

  3. Jimbo

    Great. Need to buy more than a couple of sets for sure.

  4. goobly

    And I thought “sporks” were bad enough.

  5. liz

    omg this is the best thing ever

  6. Libeerian

    Why would you need chopsticks if you have a fork? Just askin’…

  7. Ronaldo


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