3D Self Portrait made from Paper

3D Self Portrait made from Paper

Inspired by big-head mode seen in video games, Eric Testroete has created this cool 3d paper head Halloween costume.

Modeled in 3ds Max, the head was designed so that it could fit over Eric’s real head, sit on his shoulders and then be held down by a jacket.

Paper Head made for Halloween

Papercraft Head made for Halloween

Paper Head

Papercraft Head

Paper Head Halloween Costume

Papercraft Head Halloween Costume

Papercraft Self Portrait

Self Portrait made from Paper

Eric Testroete Papercraft Head

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  1. crsfoto

    This is legit one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  2. GustaveCo

    Beyond amazing.

  3. CelticMuse

    Amazing and inspiring! I hope someone hires you soon… or maybe not – look at all the cool stuff you can do in your “down time”. Great work.

  4. Megan

    The best Halloween costume I have ever seen!

  5. caruccioweb


  6. tech-mad

    pretty cool. the angle of the face in the elevator shot reminds me of sam worthington.

  7. kko

    Whoa, almost looks superimposed.

  8. derschreckliche

    Wow, nice!
    But he doesn’t see anything with this mask on, does he?

  9. Dominic

    Weird, but cool!

  10. Critical Eye

    Way cool.

  11. jassi

    beyond imagination….very cool…and creative…

  12. Julie

    This is seriously incredible!

  13. Archatas

    cool! I want to have my own paper-head :D

  14. Paul Sample


  15. Karen


  16. sean

    reminds me of the old n64 007 game….when the game cheat was put on for big head characters, it looked just like this.

  17. Karin Stewart

    I WANT ONE!!!

  18. aaron

    yup totally cool- origami on a meditative rant

  19. oliver

    just wear it everyday.. it looks more handsome than your real face..

  20. Tony


    Now that is cool!

  21. marva


  22. unDave™

    Man, that looks like GTA 4, awesome!!!

    -by unDave™

  23. Raads

    wow, its a bit big, compared to his body though! lol, cool stuf

  24. Raads

    wow, its a bit big, compared to his body though! lol, cool stuff

  25. peter

    seen it here
    and here

    rly cool, is this a new trend or smthing?

  26. robert

    this is awesome !!!! could i have the template i wanna make one :D

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