Cute and Adorable Costumes for Kids

Cute and Adorable Costumes for Kids

Collection of amazing baby Halloween costumes created by talented parents for their kids.

Lobster Baby Costume

Awesome costume designed to make a baby look like a cute lobster.

Lobster Baby Costume

Bumblebee Costume

Cool costume inspired by the yellow Autobot from Transformers.

Bumblebee Costume

LEGO Costume

Costume inspired by a LEGO version of Boba Fett from Star Wars.

Lego Costume

Mega Man Costume

Homemade costume made by a truly awesome dad for his son.

Mega Man Costume

Walking Robot Costume

Mario and Luigi Costumes

Why not dress up your kids as Mario and Luigi for next Halloween?

Mario and Luigi Costumes

Sushi Baby Costumes

Adorable baby costumes inspired by a popular cuisine from Japan.

Sushi Baby Costumes

Russell from Up Costume

Costume of a young wilderness explorer from the movie UP.

Russell from Up Costume

Master Chief Costume

Awesome kids Master Chief costume created by a Halo fan his son.

Master Chief Costume

Voltron Girl Costume

Grim Hammer created this awesome costume for his daughter.

Voltron Girl Costume

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  1. KKL

    the UP one is the best! it almost look EXACT!

  2. Pete

    That boy is perfect for Up!

    That poor kid in the chicken walker might make it to two or three stops before collapsing from exhaustion.

    Lego Boba Fett is a win too :)

    Voltron girl, you are my hero. Is that the same girl in the bumble bee constume? Looks like a picture of her from the year before or something.

  3. Karen

    i now want a chubby little boy when i have kids just to dress him up like russell. :D those transformers costumes are total win.

  4. PerSeM

    Really so cute :D

  5. Ben

    Cute and adorable?
    Mmmm, that’s not the first thing coming in mind with the Master Chief one.
    The lobster one is great ! Hahaha

  6. Jes

    Voltron girl is Bumblebee girl. If you click the link to her website, and look through the photos, it looks like her parents do a lot of cosplay cons and stuff.

  7. Moo

    Voltron and Bumblebee are awesome. What a cute/badass little girl. Lobster baby is cute, too. And the sushi kid. Actually, they’re all pretty adorable.

  8. Jaqi Mugo

    I wish I had these growing up!

  9. Red

    that baby in a lobster costume looks uncomfortable. poor thing :|

  10. Shania

    WHOA. The one from Up looks identical!

  11. Joseph

    that halo costume is hella sick~~~

  12. Mike Jackson

    Those costumes look great the Up costume is so simple yet almost a spitting image. Really some great costumes.

  13. imoel

    Boy from UP character is sooooooooooo cute…

  14. HannahJet

    the baby in the losbter costume is cuuuuuute! XD

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