14 Amazing Halloween Costumes

14 Amazing Halloween Costumes

Collection of memorable and unique costumes just in time for Halloween.

RoboCop Costume

Awesome Halloween costume makes a kid look like RoboCop.

RoboCop Costume

Transformers Costume

Tron Costume

Sexy costume inspired by the upcoming TRON: Legacy movie.

Tron Costume

Motorized R2-D2 Costume

Star Wars droid that is big enough for a full size person to fit in.

Ghostbusters Slimer Costume

Costume inspired by green ghost from Ghostbusters movies.

Ghostbusters Slimer Costume

LEGO Costumes

Samurai Stormtrooper Costume

Japanese Stormtrooper will be the star of any Halloween party.

Samurai Stormtrooper Costume

Avatar Costume

Halloween makeup inspired by Neytiri from James Cameron’s Avatar.

Avatar Costume

Pac-Man Costume

Playable Pac-Man arcade machine created by Russell Luzinski.

Pac-Man Costume

Spider Dog Costume

Why not make your dog look like a spider this Halloween?

Facebook Costume

Clever costume by Marie Eve Bergeron-Tourangeau from Canada.

Facebook Costume

iPhone Costume

StarCraft Ghost Costume

Awesome costume created by a StarCraft fan for BlizzCon 2010.

StarCraft Ghost Costume

Steampunk Iron Man Costume

Iron Man suit inspired by Steampunk genre of science fiction.

Steampunk Iron Man Costume

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  1. Bob

    Facebook was the most creative

  2. Brandon

    Nothing about Facebook is Creative .

  3. Martik

    Agree with Brandon.

  4. Cecilia

    Now, now, boys . . .

  5. Mapache

    Actually, Darth Vader’s helmet is suppouse to be based on a samurai’s one. So kudos for japanesse trooper.

    Also steampunk Ironman rocks.

  6. oyikk

    I really like the Tron Costume,.. hihihi ….

  7. jumanicus


  8. Cindy Auligny

    I love Ghostbusters Slimer lOl I really want to try it, just one time. My friends must be so amazing!

  9. javad pourhosaini

    i like facebook & StarCraft Ghost

  10. jaqi mugo

    Transformers brilliant! Loved that video!

    Avatar, Iron man :)

  11. Doink

    the SC Ghost and Tron costumes look cool.

  12. alexlim

    The StarCraft Ghost girl is HOT!

  13. 2LV2

    Second That!

  14. Joao

    Transformer custome is a brazillian video
    but it was copied from a Japanese guy

  15. hugo

    I really like 2nd one.. Clever!

  16. VinceVega

    IronMan. everything else is a distant second. although the StarCraft Ghost is very sexy. Grrrreow.

  17. Midet

    Spider pug spider pug

  18. Elvisio

    The spiderdog has ten legs!

  19. Pete

    Facebook costume wins the FIRST PRIZE OF THE 2010 HALLOWEEN COSTUME.

  20. gnarf

    nothing sexier than the starcraft costume

  21. Cory

    @alexlim guess i wasnt the only one staring att that pic for a few more seconds

  22. cycarla

    haha, facebook is still everywhere.

  23. Pete

    facebook costume DA BEST!

  24. JTKirk

    facebook costume DA WORST. it’s cardboard cut out that shows everyone just how dependent you are. let’s be serious, starcraft girl wins.

  25. Gah

    Last I checked spiders had 8 legs, but that dog is cute. xD

  26. pinoygag

    I like the spider dog… so cute

  27. Pete

    Alright! the second winner is SPIDER DOG. BRAV0!

  28. Sophia

    awwww the lego costumes! so cute!

  29. wom

    steampunk ironman was the best by far

  30. gosuscplayer

    what does the 44 on the ghost girls’ leg stand for?

  31. Larna

    Pacman guy looks so unhappy. there’s nothing ‘halloween-ny’ on pacman and facebook.and is the tron girl not wearing a shirt on??

  32. Ivander

    OMG that Quorra costume from TRON is kinda.. umm… too hot

  33. Papacu De Gato

    I just loved the Facebook costume the most original evah!

  34. BEN

    Seriously… not to sound like the nerd in the group, but the transformer costume was one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen!

  35. julio

    this isnt halloween…. this and most of the pictures are from anime/cartoon cosplay conventions…eve though some are awesome, and the ghost busters/facebook were funny

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