Camouflage Posters by Fred Lebain

Camouflage Posters by Fred Lebain

Unique photo series by Fred Lebain, a talented French photographer, features creative camouflage posters that blend into their surroundings.

After visiting New York for the first time and taking some pictures, Fred Lebain returned for a second visit with large poster prints and aligned them with their original locations.

Camouflage Prints by Fred Lebain

A Spring in New York

Camouflage Photography by Fred Lebain

Camouflage Art by Fred Lebain

Spring in New York

Camouflage Poster

Camouflage Posters

Camouflage Print

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  1. unDave

    Woha, ninja time!

    -by unDave™

  2. Julie

    Haha nice :D

  3. izzy


  4. Megan

    Some of them don’t align properly, but the ones that do look amazing!

  5. unDave

    Oh Megan, is not the perfection, it is the intention!

    -by unDave™

  6. Reilly

    Interesting… what an interesting world. Sort of pointless, but cool.

  7. Audrey

    My interpretation is that this is the closest to being in one place at two different times that you’ll ever get to (in a photo.)

    It kind of makes you wonder, was the scene in the poster a better day? More melancholy? Was the sun brighter? Were there more clouds? Overall, makes me appreciate the details in life much more.

  8. Garfield Pan

    so interesting!
    can i hide myself? maybe

  9. Darren Osborne

    Awesome Pics

  10. d1veblu3

    great,,there some china artis have done like that. not with poster but he paint himself…

  11. Linda Mihkelson

    I loved this – it suggests layers of reality, particularly when the poster is allowed to fall away at one side. You also get the representation of the past being shown in the present, playing with the concepts of time and place.

  12. oliver

    inspiring me..
    it’s awesome

  13. Karin Stewart

    REALLY Cool!

  14. Jaqi Mugo

    Reminds me of the camouflage guy in the previous post, I really took time to find him near the tractor!

  15. Peach

    Very nice indeed. :D

  16. canesco

    very nice. very good idea! ^^

  17. pippo

    ahahahahaha SPETTACOLARE!

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