Video Phone for Cats and Dogs

Video Phone for Cats and Dogs

Innovative communication system designed for cats, dogs, and people allows you to interact with your pet from anywhere in the world.

PetChatz video phone is equipped with microphone, small display, camera, sound / motion sensor, speaker, and a treat dispenser.

Your pet will see your face and hear your voice. Simply press a button and delicious treat will be given to your four legged friend.

Easy to Install and Use

Pet Cam

Videophone for Pets

Video Phone for Dogs


Video Phone for Cats


Video Phone for Pets

Dog Cam

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  1. Betty

    OMG…not sure how I feel about this, whether or not it’s actually a good idea…in the right household this would be GREAT for stay at home all day pets. Buy could be misused.

  2. Sami

    hahahaha! But if I have such a lot of money, I would spend it somewhere more useful than my pet!

  3. Fillibert

    the dog is looking at the video of the owner and the cat is looking at the manual dispense button

  4. Tiajah

    Well where is the price on this or this this only a concept idea?

  5. erynne

    Like a cat is going to pay attention… lol

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