Clever and Creative Pizza Advertising

Clever and Creative Pizza Advertising

The most creative pizza and pizza delivery advertising from all over the world.

Steaming Pizza Billboard

Creative billboard promotes Donatos pizza in Columbus, USA.

Steaming Pizza Billboard

Pizza Hut Bike Clock

Large digital clock was installed on the back of selected delivery bikes to dramatize Pizza Hut’s on-time delivery promise.

Pizza Hut Bike Clock

Cheesy Pizza Posters

Creative “cheesy” posters promote Pizza Hut pizza in Seoul, Korea.

Cheesy Pizza Posters

Pizza Escalator Advertisement

Escalator in front of the Pizza Kingdom restaurant was creatively used to advertise their new pizza with more cheese.

Pizza Escalator Advertisement

Punk Rock Pizza Door Ad

Offering limited delivery – Punk Rock Pizza.

Punk Rock Pizza Door Ad

Pizza Hut Thin Crust Ad

Pizza Hut’s thinnest crust pizzas advertisement from Delhi, India.

Pizza Hut Thin Crust Ad

Speedy Pizza Flies Ad

Dead flies were placed on pizza boxes to represent “fast” delivery.

Speedy Pizza Flies Ad

Pizza Crop Circle

Giant Papa John’s six-acre crop circle advertisement in Colorado.

Pizza Crop Circle

Domino’s Bike Oven

Ordinary white boxes on the back of pizza delivery motorbikes were refurbished with clever design that made them look like ovens.

Dominos Bike Oven

Cheesy Pizza Outdoor Ad

Clever pizza ad demonstrates the cheesiness of Papa John’s pizza.

Cheesy Pizza Outdoor Ad

Pizza Peephole Advertisement

Cool peephole stickers used to advertise Papa John’s pizza delivery.

Pizza Peephole Advertisement

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  1. GustaveCo

    I love the peephole.

    But I think that would piss me off at first.

  2. jingpi

    i like it …very cool..

  3. thatisocool

    wow, very creative!

  4. d1ve2blu3

    peephole is very good

  5. Reilly

    Ah… peephole.

  6. Niyari

    I’d like to be the person sticking the peephole on peoples doors, be lots of fun hahaha

  7. Mumtaz Sabuncu @veryniceindeed

    The peephole is very clever. Liked it!

  8. latincrow

    the one with the flies is creative but really disturbing XD

  9. RL Creative

    Peephole advertising is awesome :) And now after I looked all those pictures, I want to have a pizza…

  10. Mike

    Very cool…I’m hungry now!

  11. ian

    I love the idea of pizza crop circle. Very unique and catchy & give some idea for ET to make even better crop circles!

  12. John

    The peephole, defintely

  13. Julie

    Hahha! Omg peephole one! :D

  14. FoxyBoxers

    there… there not real flies are they?

  15. Internette

    What is it with heaps and heaps of cheese on pizzas? Why bother w/ a crust? Just deliver a bag of shredded cheese instead.

    The one w/ flies is clever, but would put me off of eating their pizza I think.

    Peephole. Ace!

  16. delere

    Hmmm… so instead of stick ads on your doorknob they cover your peephole so you can’t see who is really at your door later….not so sure about this one.

  17. superdit

    My favorite one is Steaming Pizza Billboard

  18. Grafiker

    The Peephole design is really great! :)

  19. Adam

    That peephole ad is awesome, but I’d be all sorts of concerned about people who might take advantage of an unsuspecting person’s peephole. Neat idea, but it would have to be used wisely.

  20. Kat

    Wow. The one with the ‘Hate Late’ motorcycle ad is from the Philippines!^^ Yay!

  21. van

    @ Pizza hut bike clock – FILIPINO TIME? I THINK NOT!

  22. Larna

    wat if the person who ordered the pizza have no peephole at his door?mwahahahha

  23. Phuti

    (@ Pizza Hut Thin Crust Ad) i love it because no picture of a pizza was used, (@ Pizza Peephole) Good concept but wont work her in Botswana because most doors dont have Peepholes, (@Steaming Pizza Billboard) makes me hungry… THANKS 4 THE POSTS

  24. Jessie

    Love the peephole <3

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