Clever Shark Week Surfboard

Clever Shark Week Surfboard

Creative “shark-bitten” surfboards were used to promote Discovery Channel’s Shark Week documentary series in Australia.

Over seven sun-filled days, a number of “shark-bitten” surfboards were scattered around well-known Sydney beaches, promoting Shark Week.

Discovery Channel Shark Week Surfboard

Discovery Channel Shark Week Ad

Clever Surfboards Promote Shark Week

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  1. Megan

    Brilliant marketing idea, but quite scary!

  2. Reilly

    Interesting idea.

  3. RL Creative

    Awesome idea :) I just love that !!!!

  4. Tony

    …Wouldn’t they all have just gotten nicked?
    I would’ve totally stolen one of those if I found it.
    They are Cool!

  5. Julie

    I’m sure I’ve seen these a long long time ago? They’re well cool but :)

  6. josh

    Landshark has been doing this for about a year now…

  7. Kirvi Inci

    I was thinking the same as the above posts. Definetly seen it before. Still cool though.

  8. Austin

    Good marketing idea. I feel like it’s been done many times in the past, though.

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