Disposable iPhone Batteries

Disposable iPhone Batteries

Portable battery packs made of cardboard will quickly recharge your iPhone and provide enough power for a couple of extra hours.

Miniature cardboard batteries for iPhone designed by Tsung Chih-Hsien.

Cardboard iPhone Batteries

Cardboard iPhone Battery

Disposable iPhone Battery

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  1. John

    Perhaps “ENCASED in cardboard” would be a little more accurate.

    I did something like this once: I took a remote control car battery & used it to provide additional charge to my portable DVD player. I wanted enough juice to watch one more movie on the airplane. (It worked, but I was always afraid of what that battery pack & all the extra wires & connectors looked like on the way trough security screening.)

  2. Fer


  3. Zack

    So we’re taking the most useful part of a battery (reusability) and throwing it away? Furthermore, we’re encasing it in cardboard to make disposing of a highly toxic device feel environmentally friendly?


  4. Zaher Sahyoun

    I like…

  5. Steven

    Throwaway society is like “YEAH!”
    One more for the “ecological dumbest things on earth”-collection…

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