12 Unusual and Creative Dresses

12 Unusual and Creative Dresses

The most creative and unusual modern dress designs from all over the world.

LED Dress

This cool “glow in the dark” dress from Japan is full of LED’s.

LED Dress

Porcelain Dress

Creative dress made entirely out of porcelain by Li Xiaofeng.

Porcelain Dress

Newspaper Dress

Jolios Paons created this cool dress using only phonebook paper.

Newspaper Dress

Tetris Dress

Forever unique dress inspired by the famous puzzle video game.

Tetris Dress

Camping Tent Dress

Dress Tent art project created by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao.

Camping Tent Dress

Zipper Dress

Created from 120 zippers by Sebastian Errazuriz, this unusual dress allows you to just zip or unzip it to whatever style or length you want.

Zipper Dress

NYC Subway Map Dress

You will never get lost in the New York subway with this dress.

NYC Subway Map Dress

Rubber Glove Dress

Unusual dress made from rubber gloves by Sebastian Errazuriz.

Rubber Glove Dress

3D Glasses Dress

Cool dress inspired by 3D glasses that you get in movie theaters.

3D Glasses Dress

Paper Dresses

Beautiful dresses created by Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov.

Paper Dresses

Paper Dress

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  1. derschreckliche

    The Porcelain Dress must be really heavy…
    And even if some look really interesting, i don’t think someone would really wear the most of them.

  2. thatisocool


  3. jingpi

    i like it ..Porcelain Dress

  4. Megan

    Paper dresses are amazing! I also like the LED dress.

  5. gb

    I am so impressed with all these dresses but I don’t think people would walk the streets wearing any one of those.

  6. KKL

    They have Zipper Dress, what about the Velcro dress from Bruno? :D

  7. charubhashini

    I love that tetris dress!

  8. tukang jualan

    Lady GaGa will love this post. Probably wear one.

  9. Jaz

    awesome stuff – love the subway dress very stylish

  10. CrazyGentleMan

    The Zipper Dress idea is very cool !

  11. FoxyBoxers

    i think the subway dress and the tetris dress are jst about socially acceptable (the zipper one just makes people look like slags)
    the other ones are cool :D

  12. Evi

    I’d actually wear the NY Subway dress. Love the style of the newspaper dress, but I don’t want to get caught in the rain with it.

  13. Chet

    You are not supposed to actually wear them, its just a concept design. They are fantastic though!

  14. Karin L. Stewart

    Really cool paper dresses!

  15. Stephanie Horn

    I’m loving the 3D glasses dress. It’s something I would love to wear out, especially to the movies!

  16. Eco Glamourista

    The newspaper dress is amazing!!

  17. not real

    Who would wear the zipper dress? Prostitutes?

  18. Elaine

    Great designs. Some have an 80’s retro feel to them. Zipper dress is great.

  19. beezy

    haha i own the NYC Sub Map dress!

  20. Val Heath

    I have a zipper purse that I take everywhere and I love it.
    Love these designs.

  21. Margaret

    lol @ the lady gaga comment
    many of these dresses are not meant to be worn anyway. but the porcelain one looks painful

  22. Hoa

    omg the last one is soooooooooooo awesome!!! I’d die for one

  23. Kara

    camping tent is fugly

  24. Joanna Glanville

    Newspaper dress is so beautiful, I would wear that fo sho!

  25. maxuim space drive

    u want to impress folks come out with sum bondage dresses and a line of cross dresser dresses for men and young men line lol…make sum out of thick rubber latex in purple …….

  26. Jack

    That zipper dress would make you a prime target for rapists.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that porcelain dress is a sculpture.
    And here’s my two bits about it:
    Back when you still had Chinese emperors, the emperors would commission pieces of porcelain. If it wasn’t exactly perfect, the piece gets broken and thrown away. I guess the artist was trying to say that if you’re a woman, you have to be physically perfect or else you’ll simply be discarded too. Or something

  27. zackey

    haha, they could go a lil bit farther in the zipper derss photos :P

  28. rosie

    Most of these dresses lean more toward the art side.
    Of course no one is goin to wear them.

  29. Madison

    The paper dress is very Lady Gaga!
    They’re all very cool and creative!

  30. Raads

    @ Hoa really? wow u must be desperate! d lol just joking :D

  31. emmajane

    the zipper dress is really interesting, and every day you can wear a different kind of dress! I’m pretty sure nobody will wear the last paper dress, though.

  32. kimii

    the zipper dress is amazingly awesome and well done

  33. John

    i saw someone at a movie wearing the 3d one.

  34. music

    Why are all of them for women?!!
    what about men? They like to wear weird clothes ,too!

  35. rodiansinger

    The NYC subway map dress is the only dress that I might consider wearing, and that’s only because: A it’s made from cloth and :B I love empire waisted dresses.

    Clearly most of these dresses were made to be art, not clothing.

  36. rinki

    i love all designs

  37. hope

    love all of it!

  38. jonjon

    caaaaall lady gaga!!

  39. Sunni

    In love with the 3D glasses dress! That big hole in the side would be a problem though…

  40. tezu0406

    i love that zipper dress. really, awesome idea. but i dont like it when i think about the zip getting open accidentally!!!!

  41. ?

    I would totally wear them all

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