12 Creative and Unique Dresses

12 Creative and Unique Dresses

Collection of unusual, innovative, and creative dresses made by the world’s most talented fashion designers.

Star Wars Dress

Unique dress created by a Star Wars fan from Vancouver, Canada.

Star Wars Dress

Matchstick Dress

Dress made of matches by 18-year-old student named Lily Faget.

Matchstick Dress

Paper Dress

Stylish dress created out of paper by fashion design students.

Paper Dress

LED Dress

SKIN dress concept from Philips uses sensors to determine your feelings and then shows them with LED lights.

LED Dress

Sprinkle Dress

Italian designer Linda Schailon created a dress out of plant pots.

Sprinkle Dress

Rubber Band Dress

Cool dress created out of 14,235 rubber bands of various colors.

Rubber Band Dress

Flexible Concrete Dress

Prototype of the world’s first air purifying dress created from pollution absorbing flexible concrete that was sprayed on the fabric.

Flexible Concrete Dress

Leaf Dress

Leaf Dress

Clothespin Dress

Dress created out of hundreds of clothespins by Sandra Backlund.

Clothespin Dress

Newspaper Dress

Unique dress created by Amy M. Phillips and Fairlight Hubbard.

Newspaper Dress

Chocolate Dress

Amazing edible dress created by German bakery group Lambertz.

Chocolate Dress

Fluid Dress

Innovative dress made out of fluid tubing powered by a pump.

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  1. Lilly

    These are all great!

  2. Will

    The fluid dress video is amazingly beautiful.

  3. cycarla

    lady gaga would probably wear the chocolate dress…

  4. Shirley

    chocolate dress… sure people won’t just eat it? haha

    but love these =]

  5. hoershey

    Leaf and newapaper are amazing!

  6. bert


  7. rox

    Fluid dress is cool but how are you supposed to wear that in an event? I mean how can it work without all those equipment. I think it is hard to walk or party with those things. It should have a built in machine on the dress.

  8. VinceVega

    well obviously most of these dresses should not be worn. especially not the matches dress. and I’m sorry but a trinintrotoluene dress would blow that one away. Just dynamite.

  9. Tom

    If you brushed against a textured surface wearing the match dress you would certainly know about it! :P

  10. timmay

    the paper clip dress looks like a guy

  11. Falaler

    Did anybody else notice that the maker of the matchstick dress’s last name is Faget? I cracked up, thats hilariously unfortunate!

  12. questionmark

    Is that Jessie Spano modeling the leaf dress?!?

  13. Fillibert

    Leaf dress- Ivy from Batman

  14. jaqi mugo

    LED – WHOA!

  15. Angela

    star wars dress, cute
    matchstick dress, cool
    paper dress, should never be worn, but cool
    LED dress.. ok? i think i like it.
    sprinkle dress.. ugh. horrid
    rubberband dress, tacky but awesome!
    Concrete Dress, Brilliant
    Leaf Dress, WOW, beautiful everything
    clothespin, i like the shoes more than the dress
    newspaper, overdone
    chocolate, immobile but delicious
    fluid dress.. interesting

  16. iceage2k2

    I guess there is no chance of smoking when you are in the Match Stick Dress huh?

  17. Sam

    The leaf dress looks photo-shopped to me. It’s from a PETA ad, btw.

  18. Ariane

    I love all of them!

  19. niloofar

    i love paper and led dress

  20. V.

    They should have made a ‘mechanic/machine’ dress. =D

  21. Mackenzie


  22. Michelle

    for some reason the fluid dress video made me cry especially with the music, and the chocalote dress makes want to eat it!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ivonne Guerrero

    I Like The Fluid Dress Bacause This Drees is Beautiful And I can Go the Night Parties and Light About all peoples in The Party.

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