Desaturated Santa Claus Costume

Desaturated Santa Claus Costume

This amazing custom black-and-white Santa Claus costume was made by Brody S. for San Francisco SantaCon 2009.

Grey wig, fabric, contacts, and Kryolan body paint were used to create the illusion of the Desaturated Santa.

Desaturated Santa Costume

[photo credit: Russel A. Daniels]

Desaturated Santa Claus

[photo credit: Burning Man blog]

Monochrome Santa Claus

[photo credit: BrodyQat and BenZero]

Desaturated Santa

[photo credit: Andy Thomas]

  1. Dan


  2. Jamface

    No Dan, just…No.

  3. AO

    Dan, do you read the discriptions?
    “Grey wig, fabric, contacts, and Kryolan body paint were used to create the illusion of the Desaturated Santa.”

  4. kuswanto

    She looks stand out, like a bleached Santa.

  5. GustaveCo

    Conceptually pleasing.

  6. Bob

    truly amazing. New ideas overflow!

  7. Karen

    thats pretty darn awesome.

  8. RL Creative

    Awesome :) This photographer can finally truly say: I didn’t use photoshop, all is 100% real :)
    Great idea, so unusual to see desaturated santa :)

  9. amu-ka

    I love the idea! I’d love to saw desaturated santa in my town…

  10. ukee

    dan…dan…it’s not.

  11. enkay

    Big deal, This is just basic Photoshop.

  12. Zunny

    Interesting concept- in photos anyway-
    I do not believe the skin was this well blended in reality.
    It appears PShop was used in these for consistency.

  13. Brody (Desaturated Santa)

    @Zunny- thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m glad it “appears” that way. It was indeed this well-blended in real life. It’s professional-quality body paint and rigorous color-matching on my part.

    The photos come from different sources, it’s not like I’ve brainwashed random strangers into all photoshopping their images before posting on the web.

  14. Joffrey

    Whaha, funny idea!!
    Give me some ideas for next carnaval, thx!

  15. Cory

    @enkay, look at the third picture. she just did a very good job so it looks photoshopped.

  16. Arkwright

    I think Dan’s reaction was suppose to have some degree of sarcasm, because this is literally incredible in terms of its quality.

  17. Karin L. Stewart


  18. doc

    it’s a fake… “skin spot” on neck collar isn’t on the same point, it’s different on every shot.
    second, you can dress anything are grey, BUT every color interact togheter, so, if you put a grey item nearly a red item, you can have some red colored reflection over grey….it’s an old trick made by photoshop and came from ’90 years
    bye and Happy New year!

  19. Morty

    Guys, stop feeding the trolls. Leave doc, zunny and dan alone and they’ll take their crap somewhere else.

  20. cchana

    great effect, definitely looks photoshopped, but clearly not!

  21. MochiPu

    COO~L!!! photoshoped or not, it doesn’t matter. the idea just great XD

  22. Stephanie Horn

    I love how she’s standing out from a sea of red! I’ll choose to ignore the naysayers.

  23. kate

    I have a friend who is a make up artist and I have seen amazing things with airbrushing… I would not rule this out guys. This is amazing. I guess some people are just stuck in the disbelief that this could ever be possible to accomplish.

  24. Mithra

    “I guess some people are just stuck in the disbelief”

    Like many people, they confuse cynicism with intellect.

    That they consequently fail to correctly decode the clues in the image just adds to the hilarity.

    This was simply brilliant.

  25. Chris

    Wow her eyes even look gray – I guess they’re really blue but still…

    Awesome idea phenomenally executed.

  26. Daniel Jay Edwards

    You’ll probably find that the naysayers have never even used a copy of Photoshop to a professional level anyway.

    You can see from ink blocking on her neck that it is face paint and the pink tint in the corner of her eyes.

    its great how even reality is fooling people now!

    Love it and very inspirational…

    Magic Dan

  27. Ray

    LOVE the tongue…………..LOL

  28. martin

    Meh. If nay sayers want to argue here instead of taking it up with the people who took the photos (not the photo credit links) they can. But really, not much credibility to their arguments.

  29. been

    can no one read the photos credits?

  30. Mike

    Maybe the kewlest thing of all is that it so completely fools people into to thinking it is shopped …. It is pretty high art to make reality look so not…. Great Concept !

  31. ZachP

    Incredible effect!

  32. Beardy

    Genius. What fun.
    Well done!

    How did people react in the flesh? Obviously the effect looks Photoshopped when you take a photo but how did people react to what the SAW?


  33. Beardy

    How did she do the hair?

  34. Critical Eye

    The first large picture was enhanced. Look at her eyes… in this photo they are devoid of all chroma. In later pictures you can see that they are blue, and the pink tones in the perimeter.

  35. Katie

    Critical– according to the photo credits, the first large photo is an AP photo. Are you accusing the Associated Press of altering their photos?

    According to the girl’s Flickr page she is wearing grey contactlenses.

  36. Critical Eye

    Ah… well, gray contact lenses would explain the lack of chroma in her eyes, but one would expect to see some pink.

    Regarding the AP… are you suggesting that they are above altering their photos? They are most definitely NOT above this.

  37. Timothy

    @Critical Eye
    Look at the corners of the eye. Also, if you look closely at the eye, you can see that is actually blue and not grey.

  38. Tom

    Should have eaten some black jack liquorice sweets, and the tongue would have been the correct colour.

  39. Adolfo

    Doc, zunny and dan: I live in San Francisco, I went to Santacon, I SAW this woman and couldn’t believe her costume. And, of course, I have pictures to prove it.
    Give up, she’s REAL.

    Here’s my picture of hers:

  40. zahid

    so what i thought was correct, except i thought of a face mask, while it was body paint, clue to look at the limbs? i still think it is that her left hand is NOT black and white

  41. AzISeeIt

    When I first saw this (as another site) I thought, “No way — it’s shopped. You can’t get it that good in real life.” Now, I’m convinced I was wrong. This is VERY well done! Congrats!

    Used to be we’d look at a photo that was well-Photoshopped and say, “That looks totally real!” Now we look at a real picture and say, “That looks totally shopped!” We are so screwed!

  42. Angela

    You can see where the makeup is absorbing. I have that problem every single time I use cream grays, without fail. In fact this has inspired a project of my own, I can only hope mine comes out half as nice!

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