Kissing Mask

Kissing Mask

Didier Faustino created a device that controls the kiss between two people.

Unique 3D printed face mask separates into two conjoined parts that fuse together recreating a sort of prosthesis for a perfect kiss.

Kissing Device

Doppelgänger kissing mask seems to prevent contact and yet it creates a link between the mouths which slot into one another at the perfect angle.

Didier Faustino Interzone

Kissing Invention

Kissing Gadget

Photos courtesy of Didier Faustino and Galerie Michel Rein in Paris.


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  1. K.

    …pointless. And probably uncomfortable.

  2. Nelly

    PDA aproved!

  3. Niyari

    ……… least you don’t get those awkward eye ball misses

  4. L

    is that the twilight guy? ^_^ uhm…. i guess someone had time on their hands…

  5. chelsea_fc

    This is so pointless!

  6. Mapache

    Designers descriptions for these kind of items really sound sarcastic;

    ¨Printed face mask separates into two conjoined parts that fuse together recreating a sort of prosthesis for a perfect kiss¨

    See? Total irony.

  7. Panache


  8. latincrow

    interesting but incredibly disturbing…

  9. Glenn Contreras

    so frustrating… =(

  10. Jim S.

    Anyone else think Hannibal Lecter?

  11. D

    I agree with jim. AHAHAHHA

  12. Really?

    WTF… now we can’t even figure out how to kiss as humans?

  13. SK

    Finally! That whole kissing thing was starting to get a little too intimate and complicated for me.

  14. Dominic


  15. The Hooded CLaw

    Faustino: Taking the intimacy out of kissing since 2011!

  16. Shiraz

    what the hell dude?

  17. Alex T

    Stop saying it’s pointless. It’s obviously not a mass market product, more likely it is the artist mocking societies ideas of perfection, making a device to enable you to recreate a perfect Hollywood kiss. Maybe if you people looked deeper than just face value you’d get more out of this site.


    p.s. what have you done with your life today?

  18. James Ward

    There is probably an iPhone app for it anyway

  19. Midet

    Reminds me of human centipede.

  20. Mr Maseki

    what a waste of plastic. Make a plate or a bottle at least you’ll be able to sell it and get money.

  21. flatsolid

    Of course it’s not a mass production item. Anxious to buy the ultra shiny, purple chrome plated deluxe edition. It will make a perfect match with my own Jeff Koons’ piece of table sculpture.

  22. peppy

    Reminds me of a mama bird feeding a baby bird. “Here honey, hold this while I puke down your throat.”

  23. Waldo

    It’s interesting to me, kinda like a toy. Don’t you wanna try kissing someone in those just to try it out? I think it’s about experiencing a different way of kissing.

  24. Zerian

    That does look like R. Pat :O

  25. Ana Laura

    what a waste of time in something like these jjaaaaajjaajjaajaja

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