An Apple a Day Wall Calendar

An Apple a Day Wall Calendar

Creative apple calendar from Germany reminds us that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Every day, after you remove one apple from the tube and eat it, the rest of the apples will move down and reveal today’s date. At the end of the month, the tube is refilled with 31, 30 or 28 apples.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany

An Apple a Day Calendar

An Apple a Day

Apple Calendar

Apple Wall Calendar

Creative Apple a Day Calendar

Creative Apple Calendar

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  1. Megan

    Simply brilliant, it looks cool and supports healthy lifestyle.

  2. E

    Not sure I’d eat an apple 30 days old.

  3. Matty

    great concept, but clearly not thought all the way through.

    30 day old apple…hmm..

  4. unDave™

    Yeah, that’s kind of getting spoiled and rott the others… good concept, just that.

    -by unDave™

  5. Carlos

    Now thats what iCall
    An apple a day!:)

  6. Jim

    I just heard on NPR that if stored cold, picked apples are edible for over a year.

  7. Fred

    I don’t think it’s storing them cold… it’s on a wall.

  8. Chad

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if you refilled it with 28 apples for February, it would say it was the 4th when is should say it is the 1st (since the apples would roll down to the bottom).

  9. ajayjshah

    Great idea and concept. Although, many flaws in the rendering of the final design.

  10. Paul Sample

    awesome idea!

  11. aditia

    mmm.. cool idea but how those apple keeo fresh??

  12. Lies

    @Chad, you’re wrong. Every month has it’s own tube.
    (At the end of the month, the tube is refilled with 31, 30 or 28 apples. Depending on the month/tube)

  13. Dave

    How the hell do you clean it?!? Chimney sweep? Pressure washer? Massive sink?

  14. kdizz

    cool concept. After that, not so much a great idea

  15. Andrea

    After one week isn’t healthy anymore!

  16. Gayle

    Chad is correct. If the tube is empty and you put in 28 apples for February, the date will be 3-days ahead. Also, apples would have to be perfectly sized. Too big or too small and the date spacing will be messed up. Interesting idea though.

  17. tracy

    if it could somehow be integrated into a fridge then i’m sure it’ll work. you could even put other apple-sized fruits in there for some variety!

  18. sunsetkiller

    cool idea…the “keeping it fresh”-problem could be solved with sawing off the tube, making it a 7 days-tube…that should work…apples will be fresh even after 7 days and the prob of cleaning the tube should be solved as well

  19. Chad

    There are different tubes??? Where do you store these other tubes? I think the idea is that there is only one tube that you refill with either 31, 30 or 28 (29 for leap year) but like I said before… that doesn’t work.

  20. Eric

    What if someone else wants an apple?

  21. Toyama

    If you think about it, the ‘idea’ is sure a creative one. But the end-product is well just a concept. Maybe if you’d wanna use this for a campaign to support healthy lifestyle maybe, but as a product it will be well received unfortunately

  22. Megan

    @Chad “At the end of the month the tube is refilled with 31, 30 or 28 apples, and the monthly calendar behind the tube is simply replaced.”

    They replace the calendar markings behind the tube, to make sure that the date is correct.

  23. Ryan Bollenbach

    I’d like to taste the 30 day old apple :).

  24. Rich

    Simple solution to the different-number-of days in the month issue: Have a small door in the tube that can be inserted at the 28, 29, 30, 31 mark. Slide it out to release the apple. That way the correct date will always show..and you use just one tube. Solved. Trademarked: Me. lol

  25. Emre Otlu

    When you get gastroenteritis at the end of the month, i’ll be waiting for you at my office :).

  26. duong

    I can’t wait a month for eat 30 apples, all clear on one day

  27. Karin L.

    …and so they are not all the same size apples, then what???

  28. Nagobonar

    this should be display at kindergarten or doctor’s room

  29. es

    An apple a day keeps doctor away? ;)

  30. Vik

    I mean most of the apples you eat are shipped around the world and are several months old by the time you buy them anyway. I like the idea, but it’s got issues for sure. If they made it out of the same material as those “green bags” that absorb ethylene, it would actually work pretty well.

  31. Ian Ferguson

    Here’s a surprise! Despite what Tesco might tell you, apples keep for longer than a few days. I pick my apples in September and they’ll good until Christmas, although taste a bit woolly towards the end.

    Man, nobody knows ANYTHING about where their food comes from nowadays. The thing that amuses me most is cheese that has been matured for six months, then according to the packaging ‘goes off’ two days after being opened.

  32. rweso

    How about do it in reverse? Every day you drop your finished apple core into it.

  33. Aymii

    That would smell :S

  34. Jspaze

    Cool idea !

  35. abhi

    Its a great concept that may be in its infant stages of practicality, but it has potential. The bottom line is it should be easy and fun for us to eat healthy food, and this apple a day concept hits it right on the head.

  36. Ann

    I am quite sure that most apples we eat are older than 30 days anyway. In most climate zones you can harvest apples once a year and then they are stored and eaten maybe even a year later. With all the chemicals nowadays I am not surprised to find a year old apples in the stores.
    Last spring I forgot an apple in my fridge and it is still there – almost a year now. It is a bit wrinkly and I would not eat it anymore, but it is edible still, I’m sure. Probably not healthy though :)

  37. MaYeRs

    It is not always some chemicals, there are many apples’ kinds that might store up to a year without that things. It’s a matter of illumination and temperature. So, if this tube has some temp control it’s pretty healthy:)Maybe it’s good idea for a fridge…

  38. Ethan

    Wow .. amazing idea ! I’m gonna make one ^^

  39. anna


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