15 Unique and Innovative Calendars

15 Unique and Innovative Calendars

The most creative modern calendars and innovative calendar designs that will show you the current date in style.

Autumn Calendar

World’s first tear-off calendar that tears off its “leaves” automatically.

Magnetic Calendar

One ball is suspended in mid-air to mark each month, while a second magnetic ball is placed on the horizontal beam to indicate the day.

Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

Ink Calendar

Oscar Diaz designed a calendar that uses the capillary action of printer ink spreading across paper to display the current date.

Ink Calendar

One a Day Calendar

Unique calendar made with cod liver oil tablets. Pop out a tablet every day for a healthy life.

One a Day Calendar

Balloon Calendar

Balloon AA Company has created a special balloon calendar that lightens up the mood in a stressful office.

Balloon Calendar

Earplugs Calendar

Clever 3M calendar consists of ears: one for each month/day. The earplug is moved from ear to ear to indicate the current date.

Earplugs Calendar

Matches Calendar

Yurko Gutsulyak has designed a calendar made of matches.

Matches Calendar

Teacup Calendar

Takeshi Nishioka has designed a perfect calendar for tea lovers.

Teacup Calendar

Recycled Calendar

Do not throw away what can be used again: even an old calendar becomes new again every 28 years.

Recycled Calendar

Lawn Mower Calendar

By tearing off a calendar page each day, the user is actually mowing the lawn. At the end of the year, a perfectly cut lawn is revealed.

Lawn Mower Calendar

Camera Lens Calendar

Desktop calendar by Sharad Haksar looks like a real camera lens.

Camera Lens Calendar

Apple Calendar

Cool calendar reminds that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Apple Calendar

Chalkboard Calendar

Reusable wall calendar created using chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Scratch Calendar

Creative calendar allows you to scratch off days that passed.

Scratch Calendar

Bakery Calendar

Custom rolling pin prints the 2010 calendar on a sheet of dough.

Bakery Calendar

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  1. Sachawinter

    The Ink Calendar and Balloon Calendar are amazing! Both would instantly brighten up a room!

  2. Ambuj Saxena

    The bakery calendar would create an upside-down impression on the dough.

  3. Subir

    The ink calender is genius as it would show the day in progress so real-time……also i like balloon n chalkboard one’s

  4. Megan

    Autumn calendar is very clever! I also like the balloon and scratch calendars.

  5. nigel

    what do you do with the ink calendar if you buy it on the 4th of the month…?

    having posed that question it is still my favourite…

  6. Dimi

    Love the apple calendar, “One apple a day” brilliant!

  7. Anita

    Genious and very smart!

  8. Dominic


  9. Final

    the ink one is amazing

  10. charu

    everything is awesome!


  11. Dave

    All of them are brilliant concepts but I think not all of them work for real.

    I challenge you to eat the 30th apple after 30 days in a warm plastic pipe.

    Or i challenge everyone to recycle a 1982 calendar (who is the crazy guy who keep a claendar for 28 years just for recycle it in 2010???)

    Hope ink calendar the best one for me works properly in real time.

  12. Christina

    I love the wall chalk calender … I am definitely going to redecorate my office with this :)

  13. timmay

    i love the apple calendar and the mowing the lawn calendar

  14. Soul

    the calendar Ink = amazing idea

  15. kevin

    The ink calendar sounds awesome!

  16. JK III

    Today I learned that an old calendar becomes new again every 28 years. :)

    BTW, cool post, (almost) all of these calendars are awesome!

  17. Karin L.

    UMMMM Very interesting!

  18. Ryan Bollenbach

    I really need to get the apple one for my bedroom but I’d be worried that the apples would go bad too soon :(.

  19. Twinkle

    i just love the chalk board one !!! <3
    the cod liver one n the baloon ones r gud too… :)

  20. shanti

    class work & thinking about new idea is god gift….

  21. Ichizu

    I’m loving these calendars. The earplug one cracks me up.

  22. Chong

    Ink and self-tearing ones I would get

  23. danielkiv

    The ink calendar is awesome and the apple too.

  24. Yashwant Wankhede

    Magnetic & Camera Lence Calendars are simple but good, Ink Calendar is an innovative

  25. pampalas

    Apple Calendar would rot in a week so really no point :S but the Lens Calendar is uber cool

  26. Elphi

    I don’t think I want to eat a month old apple…
    I love the balloon calender though. But, yet again, I don’t think it would stay inflated for a whole month. Lovely ideas though. :3

  27. sydney

    I love them all of the but i really love the apple calender!!

  28. kathryn

    scratch apple chalkboard and rolling pin calender great

    apple calender really helps you eat healthy i guess


  29. Nikita

    where can I buy Ink Calendar & for how much???

  30. HannahJet

    love all of these, so cool

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