Disco Volante Wall-Mounted Turntable

Disco Volante Wall-Mounted Turntable

Fully automatic, wall-mounted record player concept reimagines traditional design by deconstructing the classic turntable into its core elements.

Disco Volante designed by Oscar Olsson is a cool, wall-mounted turntable created to be a statement piece of the room.

High-tech record player is a bold contrast between vibrant, organic tonearm housing and machined steel framework.

Steel frame provides sturdy foundation, while the dynamic plastic tonearm housing draws the eye.

Thoughtful design enhances functionality and creates visually captivating turntable that blends art and engineering seamlessly.

Disco Volante Turntable

Disco Volante designed to be securely mounted on a wall. This saves space and positions the turntable at an ideal height for easy access and operation.

Disco Volante Wall-Mounted Record Player

Minimalist design of the Wall-Mounted Turntable offers a futuristic look that complements contemporary interiors without overwhelming the room.

Oscar Olsson Disco Volante

By eliminating the need for additional furniture to support it, Disco Volante helps maintain a clean and uncluttered look.

Disco Volante Record Player

Wall-mounted feature allows for flexible placement at eye level or higher, making it adaptable to various room layouts.

Disco Volante by Oscar Olsson

Floating appearance of the tonearm housing gives the room a dynamic, airy feel, contributing to a sense of spaciousness.

Wall-Mounted Record Player

By being mounted on the wall, Disco Volante Turntable frees up valuable table space, making it ideal for small apartments and modern homes.

Wall-Mounted Turntable

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