12 Amazing Leaf Carvings

12 Amazing Leaf Carvings

Collection of beautiful leaf carvings created by talented artists from China.

Leaf carving is actually cutting and removal of the leaf’s mesophyll to produce an artwork without cutting or removing any leaf veins.

Amazing Leaf Carvings

Leaf Carvings

Real Leaf Carvings

Leaf Carving from China

Leaf Carving

China Leaf Carving

Leaf Carving Art

Leaf Carving Art from China

Leaf Carvings from China

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  1. GustaveCo

    Stunning. Purely stunning. Totally magnificent and awe-inspiring.


  2. scross


  3. ajayjshah

    Crazy form off art, pretty neat.

  4. Curtis

    Printed out from a computer? If not, crazy stunning…

  5. dE

    I think this is not printed.
    If you put a photo-negative on a (still living) leaf, the chlorophyll forms back at the darker areas.
    With cooking the leaf and some chemical thingys you can use this chlorophyll-picture and make it more seeable.
    Did this once at school… pretty cool

  6. Mask

    that is so crazy-awesome…
    there isnt even a word for how epic this is.

  7. jason

    awesome chinese art….amazing

  8. Karin L.

    How did they do that????????

  9. Ken

    I remember doign something similar like this back in high school. I think you boil the leaves (?) – then use something like a toothbrush to brush of the “meat” of the leaves and just leave the veins behind.

    I could be wrong, I think I blocked this, like most of my high school memories, in my head.

  10. Brian R.

    How did they do that????????

    shhhhhh…….Ancient Chinese Secret!!!!!

  11. jensakrom

    amazing!!!so beautiful,

  12. Lintu

    someone tell how to do that :O

  13. ardeay

    Only crazy people would be this meticulous

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