Human Hair Leaves

Human Hair Leaves

Beautiful and realistic leaves created out of human hair by Jenine Shereos.

Intricate leaf veins were recreated by stitching, wrapping, and knotting together strands of hair. Complex and extremely detailed network of lines mimics the organic patterns that are typically found only in nature.

Human Hair Leaf

Hair Leaves

Hair Leaf

Human Hair Leaf by Jenine Shereos

Leaf Made of Human Hair

Human Hair Leaves by Jenine Shereos

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  1. AK

    wow. That’s all I need to say…

  2. Katie

    This must have taken for-freaking-ever.

  3. pe

    this is so beautifullllll…. fragility of human hair, of human being, so carefully knitted… reminds of time passing by, irellevant things can be so big in focus when you make such marvelous creations-…. creation came from destruction….pure poetry..

  4. Chedie

    It looks so frail and delicate. I wouldn’t want to touch it XD

  5. kadal

    a solution to a hair loss problem.
    hair loss = art

  6. Lilia Smiles

    I wonder how she came up with this idea

  7. Laia

    Beautifull! You have to have some extra time…

    In the past century (before radio and tv) people used to make a lot of art out of hair, just for a past time.


    That just looks disgusting D: But original :D

  9. MasterOche

    Yuk!!! But then wow!!

  10. Gert

    A little weird but a very cool idea. Too bad my hair is so dark it wouldn’t work for such a project.

  11. Khairul Muhammad


  12. Gerard

    …the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind…

  13. E

    Wow….simply wow.

  14. new-res

    brilliant work!
    The idea is not new, though.
    Hairdresser have been doing things like that very often in 17th / 18th century they were creating pieces out of human hair which allowed remembering the dead.
    For example bracelets, brooches etc.
    You can see some of that stuff in the museum for sepulchral culture in Kassel, Germany.

  15. Shmuel G.

    This would be a great gift for those that wish to have a memento or legacy of someone they knew that was dear to them. Using their hair as a piece of art. (perhaps in the future they can use it to clone the person again!!).

  16. L

    This is creepy and gross, but at the same time its been around forever, this would be amazing to have as a memento of a loved one who has passed on

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