Beautiful Leaf Art

Beautiful Leaf Art

Wonderful leaf carvings made by talented Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran.

The artist creates incredible art by cutting unique designs into leaves.

Leaf Art


Leaf Carving

Beautiful Leaf Carving

Lorenzo Duran

Lorenzo Duran Leaf Art

Beautiful Leaf Carvings

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  1. kadal

    art by nature or art using nature always AWESOME !!!!!

  2. woops


  3. Michelle

    The Patience and the frailty and the delicate textures of the leaf makes it so epic! Great pieces of art work right here.

  4. gunneos

    please be a surgeon.

  5. pete

    wow, amazing artist must have careful hands. I bet this can also be done with laser as well though.

  6. Mon Sun C

    I totally agree with all the comments posted on here. Amazing work and alot of patience too with the delicate medium. My question is how do you keep or maintain the integrity of the leaves for long periods of time? Don’t they dry up?

  7. Nisa Zul

    love it so much!

  8. Larna

    im happy at least they dont use fresh leafs….rather than leaving the fallen leafs on the ground, they made use it for art…kudos to them all!

  9. Someone

    Beautiful! …but totally done with a laser cutter. If you look very closely, you can see the burnt edges.

  10. Crazy

    lovely designs, doing work with a leaf must be a very sensitive job. but the cuts are really stunning

  11. Ninja Egg :D

    Its not possible to do by hand. For sure a laser. Still really cool.

  12. Libeerian

    I’ll never look at raking the front yard the same again. Pretty cool stuff.

  13. Mary Jo Gibson

    By laser, by hand, matters not. This is art using the things nature gives us. Would love to have one of these.

  14. Shirley

    That takes extreme patience and steady hands! BRILLIANT!!

  15. GBLUE

    Larna: What’s wrong with using fresh leaves.

  16. Daffni Percival

    Beautiful. So delicate

  17. Christina

    I am in love with this. <3 Truly an art!

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