Curtain Door made from Wood

Curtain Door made from Wood

Designed by Matharoo Associates, this beautiful curtain door was created for the diamond merchant’s residence in Surat, India.

At 5.2m high and 1.7m wide, the door is comprised of 40 wooden sections. Each section is carved so that the door integrates 80 ball bearings, 160 pulleys, a counter weight, and a wire rope.

Stacked one above the other when closed, each plank can then rotate by a simple push causing the door to reconfigure into a sinusoidal curve.

Curtain Door

Wooden Curtain Door

Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates

Curtain Door Design

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  1. Jiun

    Nice concept, but how about safety

  2. GustaveCo

    I have to see this thing in action.

  3. heather

    i like it… would love to see it move

  4. Yao Jia

    Wow…this must be a cool looking house. The windows aside, check out the stairs!!

  5. Tony

    Can you actaully open it completely though ?
    I mean….at 5.2M high…. there’s no way you could reach the top to open it fully to allow all the light in.
    Maybe that’s a meanless gripe ?
    Either way, it looks cool I really like it. maybe if it incorporated some sort of deadbolt system so you could lock it in place to move it as one when you wanted?

  6. Karin L.

    Very Interesting!

  7. Fresh

    Very very awesome. Would love to see in person.

  8. Dominic


  9. tito g. galamay

    very impressive….fantastic creation…can you please show us how you made it ans tell us how safe will it be.

    Thank you.

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