Cool and Innovative Door Handles

Cool and Innovative Door Handles

Unusual and creative door handles that will help you open and close doors.

Disappearing Door Handle

Clever door handle system hides the knob when the door is locked. [more]

Disappearing Door Handle

Clip Door Handle

Useful door handles also act as a clip that can hold messages.

Clip Door Handle

Glass Globe Door Handle

Ii displays a reflection of the room on the other side of the door.

Glass Globe Door Handle

Numlock Door Handle

Modern door handle comes with built-in combination lock.

Numlock Door Handle

Doorbell Handle

Doorclaxon is creative door handle that also functions as a doorbell.

Doorbell Handle

Intuitive Door Handle

Push panel and pull handle were combined into a set. This design hopes to eliminate the need for “Push” and “Pull” stickers.

Intuitive Door Handle

Hand Door Handle

Creative door handle designed by Naomi Thellier de Poncheville.

Hand Door Handle

Light Bulb Door Handle

At night, this cool LED door handle looks and acts as a light bulb. [more]

Light Bulb Door Handle

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  1. Bob

    Hand and Numlock ftw

  2. Connor

    the glass globe would be useless… unless you are a creeper.

    maybe if it was only a one way view…

  3. chelsea_fc

    disappearing one is genius! The intuitive one has been around for a while in a more basic sense

  4. Lulu-Chan

    i LOvE THE HAND DOOR HANDLe!!! but still if u didnt know it was a door handle i would be kinda creepy -_-

  5. bananaman

    personally, i think the glass globe is really cool. for public places only though, you wouldnt want the privacy of your home to be invaded

  6. ugh

    The push/pull door is genius I thought of it 2 yrs ago but I thout people would think I’m an idot -.-

    The hand one is cool too

  7. Mihirr Panchaal

    These are brilliant!

  8. cool

    I like the Disappearing Door Handle the best.

  9. Ebualibana

    The “Intuitive Door Handle” is quite clever.
    They should add the possibility to open it with a pedal, in case one has the hands full.

  10. Joel

    Glass door knob: broken easily and wicked bad flesh wound resulting.

    Sculpted hand: creepy and only good for right handed use.

    Horn knob: could anything be more obnoxious.

    Withdrawing knob: brilliant!

  11. Gert

    Glass knob… excellent for small child’s room who insists door must be closed for privacy.

    The light bulb knob is very very cool.

    Not sold on the horn one, I guess if you worked as a clown it might be amusing.

  12. Reilly

    The hand is creepy O_O
    But the clip one is great, because you can stick a note there without the need of finding a Post-It to write a note on…

  13. Voxel

    Useless and poor design, all of them.

  14. Dovie

    Then why don’t you come up with some of your own and show these amateurs how it’s done?

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