12 Creative and Unusual Cakes

12 Creative and Unusual Cakes

Modern cakes come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases our favorite examples of the most creative and unusual cake designs.

Avatar Cake

Incredible cake inspired by James Cameron’s epic movie Avatar.

Avatar Cake

Bacon Cake

Perfect cake for bacon lovers comes with realistic bacon strips and edible cutting board.

Bacon Cake

iPod Touch Cake

Apple iPod Touch re-created in birthday cake form.

iPod Touch Cake

Turkey Cake

Delicious looking turkey shaped cake is perfect for Thanksgiving.

Turkey Cake

Nike Cake

Stylish modern cake shaped like a pair of Nike sneakers.

Nike Cake

Pizza Cake

White chocolate and coconut birthday cake decorates with fondant.

Pizza Cake

Sushi Cake

If you do not like real sushi, you can always eat it in cake form.

Sushi Cake

Playstation 3 Cake

Sony Playstation cake comes with a Pepsi can and a Blackberry.

Twitter Cake

Chocolate cake with blue icing includes the Twitter bird icon perched on a branch and Twitter written on top of the cake.

Twitter Cake

Hot Dog Cake

Realistic cake looks like a giant hot dog with ketchup and mustard.

Hot Dog Cake

Canon Cake

Awesome birthday cake inspired by Canon EOS 5D digital camera.

Canon Cake

Squid Cake

Creative birthday cake designed to look like a giant red squid.

Squid Cake

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  1. unDave™

    GREAT POST! YUMMY! Not a single complain this time, really, great job!

    -by unDave™

  2. Pete

    Very pretty.

    If only fondant didn’t taste like play-doh. Some of those have so much fondant, they’d be hardly edible.

    Check out the cake wrecks blog for other interesting cakes.


  3. Julie

    These look yummy, although the bacon one looks pretty sickening tbh!

  4. mj

    Loved most of them octpuss naw!!!! Twitter is cute the best apps on iphone

  5. Michael

    The designs are incredible except the twitter one, the cake icing needs to be smoother but they are all gorgeous.

  6. BNDQ8

    wow…so creative ..these all individually must have taken hours to do ..shaping and fondant work…nice ones!!

  7. r1pp3r

    the nike one is the nike sb dunk low tiffany

  8. Den

    Oh I love the canon cake! And it’s so well done!
    Just perfect!

  9. timmay

    i like them especially the playstation and avatar cakes, i saw avatar in 3D its amazing

  10. Karin L.


  11. lsiek22

    The Sushi cake is absolutely phenomenal. True craftsmanship.

  12. Rae


  13. Theresa Ayers

    I love this. One of my favorite show is the cake Box Guy

  14. Sonja

    I agree with Pete fondant is NASTY!!! Give me some butter cream any day. I understand you can’t create most of these cakes without it, but you won’t see me ordering one. Lovely cakes!!

  15. Bhavani


  16. Jenn

    @Pete… Cake Wreck’s is fantastic!! I discovered it while I was at the book store and saw their book, but didn’t have the money for it. The majority the book and more is on their blog.

  17. Lexie

    What wonderful cakes on here! I would love to be at this level at some point in my life! I am working on it, and seeing these cakes just inspires me to keep trying when I want to give up!

  18. Denisecia w.

    these cakes are really fantastic

  19. angel

    these cakes make me hungry

  20. Ethan

    canon cake was the best one

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