14 Fun and Creative Wedding Cakes

14 Fun and Creative Wedding Cakes

Modern wedding cakes and creative cake designs from around the world.

TiVo Wedding Cake

As part of their television-themed wedding, Tina and Andy Szeto have ordered a culinary homage to their favorite DVR.

TiVo Wedding Cake

Zelda Wedding Cake

Fun wedding cake design inspired by the original Legend Of Zelda.

Zelda Wedding Cake

Internet Dating Wedding Cake

One couple decided to take the advent of their Internet meeting and wedding to the extreme level by baking two laptop-shaped wedding cakes and placing their profiles on the screens.

Internet Dating Wedding Cake

Tetris Wedding Cake

This cake was given to a Tetris fan by his sister who left empty spaces so that he would have to solve the puzzle before cutting the cake.

Tetris Wedding Cake

Star Wars Wedding Cake

Perfect wedding cake design for any Star Wars fanatic.

Star Wars Wedding Cake

LEGO Wedding Cake

Amazing wedding cake design inspired by regular LEGO bricks.

LEGO Wedding Cake

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Entire cake was edible except for the Mario and Princess on top.

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Cheeseburger Wedding Cake

Two fast food addicts celebrated their marriage with their dream wedding cake – a 42lb cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger Wedding Cake

DeLorean Wedding Cake

Wedding cake design inspired by the Back to the Future trilogy.

DeLorean Wedding Cake

Apple Logo Wedding Cake

Beautiful chocolate flavored wedding cake with an Apple logo.

Apple Logo Wedding Cake

Shrek Wedding Cake

Creative wedding cake inspired a 2001 computer-animated movie.

Shrek Wedding Cake

Discworld Wedding Cake

Wedding cake inspired by a fantasy book series by Terry Pratchett, set on the Discworld, a flat world balanced on the backs of four elephants which, in turn, stand on the back of a giant turtle, Great A’Tuin.

Discworld Wedding Cake

Pac-Man Wedding Cake

Cool Pac-Man inspired wedding cake designed by Renee White.

Pac-Man Wedding Cake

Gamer’s Wedding Cake

The bottom layer is Xbox 360, the middle layer is PS2, the next layer is regular Xbox and the top layer is the limited edition ‘Legend of Zelda’ gold GameCube.

Gamers Wedding Cake

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  1. G

    I love this website

  2. Reilly

    This is funny, but it’s sort of tacky… but hey, If you both love it… go ahead!

  3. Paul Sample

    Super Mario wedding cake is geekly cute!

  4. Karin Stewart

    What fun to see the creativity of the bakers’world unleashed! I bet they each had a ball doing these!

  5. Bahadırhan

    What a nice cakes. Laptops Cake is very creative. I think, they meet on internet.

  6. Vivia

    I love the Internet Dating Wedding Cake.
    When I was in Oxford a week ago I’ve seen lots of similar cakes in a small shopping street. They were really amazing. I forgot to take pictures of them, but some friends of mine did.

  7. bridal girl

    I like the super mario wedding cake! looks so yummy and cool!

  8. tech-mad

    i like the one with the apple logo best because of its elegance and simplicity. the rest are unique and definitely fun but just thinking about the massive quantities of food coloring in them turns me off.

  9. Viewer10169

    Lol. I wouldn’t want to be the one cutting the discworld wedding cake! Damn, freaked me out! :))

    Sure, it looks cool, but imagine trying to eat either the turtle’s face or the little elephants! talk about losing one’s appetite! -___-

    Kudos for the cool post though!

  10. Lindsey D

    hahaha Zelda cake… “link” oh how humorous.

  11. lily

    my dream is the gamers one!

  12. Alyssa Myers

    The hamburger wedding cake looks DISGUSTING!

  13. Amanda

    God so cool!!!

  14. Mika

    Discworld Cake ftw!

    I just showed that to my fiance…may have been a bad idea! lol

    All really cute ideas, and an awesome way to express yourself at the wedding

  15. Pavel

    All the “creative” cliches on one page. I used to love these LEGO or pacman inspired thing but nut it’s boring.

  16. Graydian

    the discworld one is amazing.and BTW is the super mario cake edible becuase it just looks like hat boxes.

  17. Zero

    Discworld FTW!!!!!!

  18. Waggit

    Nice post, a friend of mine, his sister makes amazing cakes. She made Lord Richard Attenborough’s 80th Birthday Cake. This is pretty impressive! : http://www.icedgemcakes.co.uk/gallery/cakepier3.htm

  19. Karen

    its kinda stereotypically funnily ironic that the gamer cake was for a really pretty bride :P no offense to girl gamers or gamers in general. :D

  20. alay

    love love love the super mario cake it kept the idea of the game but also had a sleekness and fanciness about it, hated the burger cake and the turtle is a good idea but it looked dead or the colors were just off, I love cakes like the apple one but I think the entire mac thing is way over done and doesn’t have any real significance to it, would have been better if it were a smooth black and white art deco.

  21. jing

    so great cakes,i love those so much,maybe they can add more funny things on it,like hat or tie:p

  22. Mark

    These are awesome! I want to have Pac-Man cake for my wedding.

  23. ChEeSe

    i wouldnt do any of those as my wedding cake but if the bride and groom agree then i dont see why not!!

  24. :3

    Wow! :0 Some of them don’t even look real! Haha! XD Amazing!

  25. Radu

    Lol the one with the cheeseburger. Great match, fatsos!

  26. Justine

    WOW!! This is cool but some are not really wedding cakes they are just theme cakes and fyi the cheeseburger looks great and it is awesome so yea radu shutup and let that couple eat that in peace!! now peace out radu!

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