Recycled Circuit Board Creations

Recycled Circuit Board Creations

See what happens when old recycled computer parts and circuit boards are turned into creative works of art, the results are truly impressive…

Circuit Board Shoes

Stylish shoes created from printed circuit boards by Steven Rodrig.

Circuit Board Shoes

Circuit Board Notebook

Cool ring-bound notebook made from a recycled circuit board.

Circuit Board Notebook

Circuit Board Necklace

Necklace made from circuit boards and magnets by Christoph Koch.

Circuit Board Necklace

Circuit Board Guitar

Miniature electric guitar made from the innards of an MP3 player.

Circuit Board Guitar

Circuit Board Sneakers

Nike sneakers created by Gabriel Dishaw from old computer parts.

Circuit Board Sneakers

Circuit Board Clipboard

Clipboard made from recycled motherboard that might otherwise have ended up in a landfill.

Circuit Board Clipboard

Circuit Board Clock

Laser etched clock where the numbers have been replaced by a variety of schematic and logic symbols.

Circuit Board Clock

Circuit Board Car

Extremely unusual car decorated with recycled circuit boards.

Circuit Board Car

Circuit Board Fan

Hand-held fan made from old circuit boards and vinyl records.

Circuit Board Fan

Circuit Board Dress

Stylish dress and handbag created by Fabio Renaldo from recycled computer chips for the Eco Chic fashion show in Indonesia.

Circuit Board Dress

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  1. unDave™

    OH MAN, THAT’S AWESOME!!! I’m going to dig my old trash and do something with that!

    -by unDave™

  2. Den

    Fantastic creations here!
    I particularly like the notebook, very cool and modern!

  3. Kan

    amazing,, loved it

  4. Clain Dsilva

    Crazy stuff man… But its really creative and productive..!!!

  5. Final

    i want the clock!!!!

  6. Alex

    I can deffffffffffinitely see Lady Gaga wearing the circuit board shoes. Someone notify her stylist immediately!

  7. timmay

    i would glady take the car over the shoes any day. i love it

  8. adam

    actually such garbage is very unhealthy

  9. Critical Eye

    I don’t get it.

  10. cr

    they had a clock and picture frame like this at target

  11. kruione

    This is really creative. People, don’t suck the fun out of this. If you can not enjoy such creativity. please STAY AWAY from this site. [adam, critical eye..]

  12. RL Creative

    Oh, dear…that’s awesome !!!
    I always thought that Circuit boards should be used after they are recycled. Didn’t think they can be used in such and awesome way :)

  13. Kirvi Inci

    Shoes seem like they might be extremely uncomfrotable, but they are still very creative. Rather, everything is. :)

  14. Cory

    I would never put those shoes on, but they look very cool

  15. Reilly

    Great way to cut down on toxic e-waste emissions. Love it.

  16. Evette

    Fabulous – I love the car and the shoes!

    As a former Electro-Mechanical Design Engineer and now an artist, I incorporate circuit boards, piecses of circuite boards , and components into my abstract work.

  17. Lintu

    i want the notebook :)

  18. berny

    i can’t even say anything but wow! it’s so amazing. i actually want to start doing it and try making some of that stuff =]

  19. Arup Basak

    Great recycling process.

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