Steampunk Insects

Steampunk Insects

Mike Libby makes amazing Steampunk inspired sculptures by combining real insects with mechanical parts from antique watches.

Unique art created using non-endangered specimens from all around the world celebrates the contradictions between technology and nature.

Steampunk Butterfly

Steampunk Insect

Steampunk Butterflies

Steampunk Dragonfly


Steampunk Crab


Steampunk Fly

Steampunk Beetle

Steampunk Scorpion

Steampunk Beetles

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  1. Ninja Egg :D

    These r soooooooo cool! Steampunk stuff is so cool! Next will probably be people. And that would look cool too. :D

  2. Darrell

    EVERYTHING looks good steampunked! Even dead bugs! It’d be even cooler if the gears and all actually made the bug move or something.. but.. its just for looks. :P

    @Ninja Egg :D Ewgh. I hope no one does that to people! That would be too disturbing.. It would be really gross/creepy with animals actually. ex. dogs, gerbils,.. zebras… ugh. Hope they dont do that..

  3. ccc

    It’s awesome, but what would make it more awesome, is if they actually walked around/flew ^^

  4. WTF

    Bit sick doing that to real bugs.

  5. BAM

    Insects wearing watch parts. My take was that human technology has a way to go to compare with the complexity of nature.

  6. Dominic

    Cool designs

  7. BNT

    what are these things?!!?!!!

  8. Frederick

    I find these a little disturbing… eugh.

  9. Me

    I’m with the “meh” crowd on this. The insects are cool and intricate enough by themselves. Jamming a few random watch parts into them really doesn’t do anything for me. Now, _entire_ bugs made out of watch parts – sure – those are cool. This just seems like somebody’s 3rd-grade steampunk art project. They just need to glue macaroni on them and paint them gold now…

  10. van

    Step 1: Get dead bugs.
    Step 2: Glue random clock pieces to them.
    Step 3: ????
    Step 4: Profit.

  11. GBLUE

    Technically a scorpion isn’t an insect, but it is my favorite. They are arachnids, like spiders.

  12. poya

    can they fly?

  13. Denis

    not cool. those were living beings once. their life was not worth less just because they are “primitive” animals

  14. Josephine

    Reminds me of this guy I came across in the UK …

    Less disturbing for those who don’t like the use of dead animals/ insects.

  15. nidia

    Its rather disturbing thinking of these bugs used to be alive and now turned into these kind of steampunk thing. but still these are bloody fantastic!!!

  16. Ron

    I don’t think there is any moral issue with using/killing animals. After all, the first thing God did after Adam fell, was to kill a lamb to make them clothes with, and demanded animal sacrifice. Jesus helped his disciples catch a whole boat load of fish, and ate them. We should be careful of making a moral issue out of something God doesn’t.

  17. VinceVega

    It’s art and the insects/arachnids are dead. But I must add I don’t give a damn what the Bible, or the Quaran, or any other purported holy text says about anything.

  18. Nikki


  19. Bonnie Walters

    I belive it is
    1.Slightly disturbing; yes.
    2. Absolutely fabulous mechanism

    Thus I Bonnie Walters conclude that this design whatever it may be, it rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. iyas


  21. ps

    Most are quite creative, I used your scorpion for one of my laptop Home screens, ( of course it has superimposed altered and mixed with other photographs) I also do not take credit. No one but me sees them.

    I like your work. I do not understand the negative comments.

    Thank you for sharing.

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