Living Sculptures by Robert Cannon

Living Sculptures by Robert Cannon

Robert Cannon creates beautiful art by incorporating moss into his sculptures.

Growing moss adds character to concrete sculptures and makes sure that they will look great in any garden.

Terraform Sculptures

Terraform Sculptures by Robert Cannon

Robert Cannon Sculptures

Growing Sculptures

Growing Sculpture

Living Sculptures

Growing Sculptures by Robert Cannon

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  1. MochiPu


  2. lolipop


  3. Arkwright

    Oh wow.

    I’d almost sell one of my kidneys for one of these.

  4. Art of Concept

    Impressive! LOL Arkwright…I recommend ebay! ;) I find them totally awesome! Very inspiring!

  5. 4MIN

    An interesting and perhaps a new direction in sculpture.

  6. bird


  7. MySelf_v1

    Incredible :O

  8. Tello

    Verry Nice

  9. Karin L.

    Very unusual!

  10. Pete

    Those are awesome.

    The shape of the moss joints between the concrete and the sculpted pieces themselves make the whole thing look like it was crafted from enormous bones.

  11. a

    very good

  12. Jennifer Hill

    Very cool thank you!

  13. Kirvi Inci

    The Hand and the “walking” man with the circle for a torso are by far my favorites. Very creative. I could see them in both my office and out in my garden.

  14. Toasty O's

    They remind me of the Hayao Miyazaki film, Castle in the Sky. Very modern aesthetic, with an air of age. Very cool.

  15. call me charming

    this is very weird, its creative but a lil on the creepy side if you kno what i mean….i wuldnt wanna buy one of them, i think i would be a lil creeped out

  16. Kyle

    I’d love to see these in affordable sizes. . . and then buy one

  17. Surya Adi Sapoetra

    Incredible….. very-very Incredible….

  18. Falcy

    Am I the only person that thinks that these are weird?

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