Realistic Sculptures

Realistic Sculptures

Incredible sculptures made out of silicone, resin, fabric, rubber, and hair look like extremely detailed replicas of real people.

Hyper-realistic sculptures created by Jamie Salmon and Jackie K. Seo.

Photorealistic Sculptures


Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Jamie Salmon

Jackie K Seo

Photo Realistic Sculptures

Hyperrealistic Sculptures

Jamie Salmon Sculpture

Jamie Salmon

Hyper Realistic Sculptures

Photorealistic Sculptures by Jamie Salmon

Photo Realistic Sculptures by Jamie Salmon

Realistic Sculptures by Jamie Salmon

Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Jamie Salmon

Sculptures by Jamie Salmon

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  1. Betty

    A little creepy but really wonderful. I wonder if this art could be used to help people who have had damage to their face by providing a realistic mask of their own face…for occasions when that would be helpful.

  2. ab

    10th face looks like david lynch

  3. Gert

    Awesome work. Love it.

  4. handoko

    its to be good if artis or others famous people, se we can know the detail

  5. Mark

    Outstanding. It would be great to do this with a pet!

  6. Sami

    I just can say WoooooooW!!!!!

  7. Aleks

    Better than Madame Tussauds figures!

  8. Anna

    wow, stunning! these personages don’t move at night, do they? O_o

  9. eddie

    Art comes to life.

  10. Leonie

    Reminds me of Duane Hanson’s works. Hyperrealistic art is so beautyful.

  11. Melissa

    Absolutely amazing !

  12. Cesar

    This is amazing. Never seen nothing like that. Very inspiring I would love to see in person. Good job guys

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