Brain Health Clinic in Las Vegas

Brain Health Clinic in Las Vegas

Lou Ruvo Center for brain health designed by a world renowned architect Frank Gehry.

Located in Las Vegas, the building features modern examination rooms, offices for health care practitioners, research labs, and a community auditorium. [photos by estlee]

Brain Health Clinic by Frank Gehry

Brain Health Clinic

Lou Ruvo Center by Frank Gehry

Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center

Cleveland Clinic

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  1. emW


  2. RP

    big problem keeping your mental health intact in such a building :)

  3. Emilian

    Patients may think it’s their imagination that’s responsible for the way they see the building. Is it just me, or the clinic is mental? :))

  4. Ben

    Haha, agreed with RP.
    But Excellent. Probably one of the best architecture Design I’ve seen !

  5. bert

    pretty cool. But as an hospital, I think it’s too illusive.

  6. Jaqi Mugo

    LOL! COOL!

  7. aditia

    seems is not like a healhty hospital

  8. Nemščina

    Architect must have been their patient :)

  9. zubi

    Looks like experimental clothes which are nice to see but hard to wear :) Could be funny for the window cleaner team.
    Hope that the inner space are comfortable enough.

  10. timmay

    looks funny lol :)

  11. Kirvi Inci

    My question is when you look at the hospital and it looks like a normal building, does that mean you are truly insane? :D

    Very cool.

  12. Bob

    That’s beautiful and so poetic. Perfect allegory for how the brain works–anything is possible

  13. Raads

    nice.. but if that is supposed to be a brain, then the ppl have some sort of eyesight problems and need to get their OWN brains checked for any loose screws, because, u can clearly see that looks as far from a brain as u can get, i mean no offence or anything, but u know, even a 3 yr old could tell u tht looks nothing like a brain!

    but i have to say they may have put in alot of effort so i am most grateful :)

  14. KT

    Stop global warming!

  15. CJ

    “hey doc, it seems that things are morphing before my very-OH NO NOT AGAIN!!”

  16. Pete

    These photos were taken at midnight in Dark City.

  17. forumlogic

    Interesting, but I’m not clear how the distorted metal makes a coherent whole with the white blocks. I would like to have heard Gehry’s vision for the building.

  18. Mask

    Where does it say it’s meant to look like a brain? Nowhere.

    Awesome building. I would have liked to see some pictures of the inside :D

  19. Diego

    That’s crazy , i like it !

  20. Jani

    The building design is very unusual.

  21. Raads

    yeah.. good point, i just assumed, coz it had the word Brain written somewhere
    note to self: stop assuming :D
    it is still a maginificent building, but i agree with CJ.

  22. Urban Gardens

    this makes my brain hurt.

  23. sana

    very artistic design by the designer…….loooks very cool

  24. Karin L.

    Great Design!!!

  25. Toski

    my opinion is that after the walt disney concert hall and the guggenheim in bilbao… gehry has done very little to impress. technological achievements in construction techniques dont ensure good architecture. There are so many other things to take in account when designing a building. MOST importantly… the user. ive seen some interior pics and im pretty sure i would not like to be hospitalized there.

  26. Nikki

    It gives me the sense of the left- and right-brained expressions.

  27. enav

    im not fan of it

  28. Al

    It’s interesting, but I think there’s a line you don’t cross between cartoon and reality.

  29. jess

    I live in Las Vegas and it’s about time we get some cool architecture here. This building is obviously not supposed to look like a brain duhh. It was named after Lou Ruvo who was a victim of Alzheimer’s

  30. Chulie

    Horrible. But hey, it’s Las Vegas, home to all kinds of ridiculousness and kitsch.

  31. Scott

    Was visiting Las Vegas from Canada and happened upon this building while driving around. Parked the car and spent about an hour photographing it. Definitely one of the most amazing buildings I’ve ever seen.

  32. Silvia Zaragoza

    My question is about ergonomy, is it possible to feel confortable and healthy in such a building? We can ask Gaudi homes habitants …. not so ease!

    Extremelly butiful from outside …

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