Duvet Suit

Duvet Suit

Comfortable suit made out of warm blankets designed for people who take power naps in random locations.

The Suvet by Jurys Inn – wearable duvet for sleeping on the way to work.

Blanket Suit

Bed Suit

Jurys Inn Suvet

Bed Sheets Suit


Wearable Blanket

Wearable Bed Sheets

Wearable Duvet

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  1. Pearl Lambie

    Right! So you can look even porkier than you are!

  2. mike

    Hi Jurys Inn,

    My names Mike, I am a second year University Product Designer. You may choose to ignore my comment completely, but it is simply and observation/suggestion. Your Duvet Suit obviously looks extremely comfortable, warm, (durable?) and designed for as you say “for people who take power naps in random locations”. Why not re-market this idea, instead for the wealthy, or even people who are able to afford this, and aim it at the homeless. Why not take this concept, evolve it into a product that legitimately contributes to society and improves the quality of life for homeless people who deservingly and desperately need your product arguably the most. Obviously there are details and complications to consider, but why not take this concept to the real world as a durable outfit lining in perhaps a different aesthetic, of the homeless.

    Merely a suggestion, however I believe if pursued I believe you could turn this fashion-comfortable concept into truly an amazing product for real-time people that desperately need your design.

    -Mike Bell

  3. kara

    i love love love Mike Bells comment above!
    a socialworker

  4. eemke

    es , I agree with Mike ! and perhaps you can do something about the feet… they don’t look warm to me

  5. Swiper Fox

    If you sleep too much while on the road, chances are, you’ll get robbed, or possibly killed since you are in no position to defend yourself.

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