Upside Down House

Upside Down House

Polish architects Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozanski have designed and constructed beautiful upside down house in Terfens, Austria.

Unique house is filled with upside down furniture that was attached to the ceiling. There is even an upside down car in the garage. Fun project took eight month to complete. [photos by Dominic Ebenbichler]

Upside Down House in Austria

Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozanski

Upside Down Bedroom

Austrias Upside Down House

Upside Down Building

Upsidedown House

Upside Down House by Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozanski

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  1. Nisa Zul

    Motif of upside down house???

  2. Douglas

    Permanent art installation? This has to be more than just a “fun project” !! An extraordinary amount of work and well done and I wonder how much admission is?

  3. Sharyn

    That’s brilliant! The amount of detail is amazing, even the fire burns upside down. I’d love to visit.

  4. Lilia Smiles

    It would be interesting if the toilets were functioning :)

  5. Mangkum

    No Lamps at the “ceiling”?

  6. Leonie

    How about the stairs?

  7. Libeerian

    Amusement park stuff.

  8. Mike M.

    Brawo Polacy! :)

  9. Aubree(:

    im in studyhall i yelled WHAT THE HELL really loud XDD

  10. mongolians

    how go to second floor :)

  11. Urusha

    how do u enter?! From the attic? :p

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