Flintstones House

Flintstones House

Beautiful single family cave house inspired by the Flintstones animated series is located in Malibu, California.

Unusual house is equipped with large windows, cave inspired interior, and wood burning fireplace.

Real life Flintstones house is currently for sale for only $3,500,000.

Flintstones Living Room

Flintstones Dining Room

Cave House

Flintstone House

Flintstones Kitchen

Flintstones Kitchen

Flintstones Bathroom

Flintstones Bathroom

Cave Bathroom

Flintstones Bedroom

Flintstones Bedroom

Cave Bedroom

The Flintstones House

Dick Clark Flintstones House

House of the Flintstones

Real Flintstones House

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  1. Joe


  2. -_-

    i want it!

  3. Lady Bee

    Well let’s see, I only need….*does some calculating* three million and five hundred thousand dollars and I’m good to go!

  4. Lol

    flint? so if you throw a piece of metal at the wall. it might start a fire? hmmm….

  5. zunny

    yabba dabba doooooooooooooo!!!

  6. Gert

    Well, for a vacation home this is cool but really, I have family heirlooms to display and a vast book collection that just would look silly and out of place here.

  7. cool stuff


  8. Alex E.

    No elephant in the bathroom? I am disappoint.

  9. Lilia Smiles

    All it’s missing are the animal-powered home appliances and a Fred for them to make fun of!

  10. Karlie

    I’ll live here

  11. Dominic

    Really Really nice! dont know if it worth 3 Large!

  12. Andre

    Nice!!! :D

  13. colooche

    What should I say?Let’s do not think to such these houses:D laughing is the best way…:D

  14. sasa

    nice 3d work guys

  15. Salome

    Awesome house…. We are also busy building our own “stone age” house

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