Glass House

Glass House

Unusual house made out of glass by Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio.

Transparent concept home was designed to showcase a series of modern glass furniture from Italian company Santambrogiomilano.

Glass Bed

Glass Stairs

Glass Home

Transparent House

Transparent Home

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  1. Designerist

    You know what they say about people who live in glass houses…..they should probably go somewhere else to use the bathroom.

  2. Lukerville

    I feel like I’d have to wear sunglasses 24/7.

  3. m

    While this house is beautifully made and constructed, it’s kindaaaa creepy. Looks like that film 13 Ghosts. Hehe

  4. Elliott

    love it! want one!

  5. Ron

    Would love to film something here!

  6. sean

    can you imagine how cold is that thing going to be?

  7. BS

    That’s a lot of Windex…

  8. Bajo

    Looking good but not comfortable. Privacy things… Also too hot in the summer time like hell and winter time freezee

  9. ran

    i’m afraid i’ll break the properties inside haha…..

  10. Yuri

    But if you want to hang a picture?)

  11. Jahangir

    Definitely not suitable for couple going for “honeymoon” :D

  12. Curtis

    it’s like living in a fish tank @_@

  13. li907

    this house must be icecold in the winter! But it looks awesome! It would be amazing to listen to some jazz while looking at the beautiful nature!

  14. Ken

    House is about privacy, I dont know but it look nice if we dont think about function.
    Floor should be Glass too :-)

  15. viewer

    Wouldn’t want to be the one who has to clean the windows in that house x)

  16. torrance

    now all it needs is gallons of water to fill up the fish tank!

  17. vlad

    beautiful, but not a place that I would like live or spend time….

    I hope nobody trows a rock or drops something because then you have a new windows or room :))

    yeah looks more like a work of art than something useful

  18. Cynthia

    stupid idea………..

  19. UT OH!

    has anyone ever seen the movie 13 ghosts?… yea, that just happened.

  20. Oliver

    How are the kids going to play hide and seek? Haha!
    But I like it.

  21. Stephanie Smash

    They should put that one way reflective glass in the bedroom and bathroom, otherwise this would be a stellar house to live in. Especially in this setting.

  22. Kolin

    great to find things you’ve dropped under the bed or sofa.

  23. Rob

    Man, doesn’t anyone read the captions? It’s a conceptual showcase for glass furniture, not a real house. I’m surprised no one noticed that there is no plumbing or electrical running through the walls.

  24. supermarketlove

    @Rob I understand this is just a concept, however no one should ever think of conceptualizing when it comes to houses or anything functional. The housing designs we have currently are without flaw, so there is no reason to try to come up with new ideas.
    With that being said this house would be perfect for a nudist colony or an exhibitionist couple.

  25. Sam

    Better not throw any stones

  26. Danielle

    People who live in glass houses should change in the dark…(I couldnt resist saying that, sorry)

  27. woops

    I could imagine a hail storm: gotta run outside with hundreds of towels and blankets

  28. Ga-lo

    “I understand this is just a concept, however no one should ever think of conceptualizing when it comes to houses or anything functional.” Guess an artificial heart is just too stupid right? If you want to stifle creativity keep doin’ what your doin’.

  29. Atavistica

    Anyone wearing a skirt or a kilt had better stay on the ground floor.

  30. nach

    I would be like a moth, slamming my face to the walls all the time :P

  31. dhanesh

    SO FAKE….

  32. supermarketlove

    @Ga-lo You’re right, artificial hearts are stupid idea, because how could ever trust your heart if someone else made it……………………..

    but seriously, my previous comment was a joke… i apologize for anyone i may have offended, or misconstrued my intentions and felt i was trying to stifle creativity…

  33. pascal

    Guys, do you read before looking?

    The concept home was designed to showcase a series of modern glass furniture for Santambrogiomilano.

    It’s pure art. They designer thought outside the box.
    It’s amazing.
    You don’t live there, hang pictures, or spend your honey moon…

  34. fatima.abdullah

    Awsome house:)just like dream house….:)))))))))))

  35. Alex


  36. pandjul

    an expensive art, i like it

  37. Doc

    nice concept. Would have been better if all that glass are solar panels. It would be nice also if they have glass plumbing as well so it would be fun to flush the toilet every morning. Just follow the poop with your eyes as it leaves the house. Hopefully no one would be eating in the dining area. :)

  38. Waleed

    I want someone doing toilet in this house !!

  39. Ga-lo

    Touche, I have truly been had. I got on my high horse, only to find out my horse was my ego. I’m a terrible Indian, I rode it bare-back. Gross. I owe you a beer…

  40. nanobelle

    One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.This house is proof that concepts can be realized, that imagination has its uses. So what if its impractical? Many things find purpose even if it’s only to inspire other great minds.

  41. kadal

    if it was a bar / a cafe would be cool…..

  42. Bloody Xuchilbara

    Eventhough its don’t has ‘privacy’ at all, I still like it…

  43. jumanicus

    he who lives in glass house must dress in basement

  44. Chris

    Form over function?
    Amazing spectacle though.

  45. MJ

    A perfect home for an exhibitionist. ;) You can never hide anything from someone in this house. LOL

  46. ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º )

    Bad for the Zombie Apocalypse!

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