Voronoi Bicycle Helmet

Voronoi Bicycle Helmet

Innovative 3D printed bicycle helmet with porous structure keeps your head cool and comfortable while providing top-notch protection.

Voronoi Bicycle Helmet mimics the incredible 3D Voronoi pattern found in nature, to give cyclists much needed safety and lightweight design.

Unlike conventional helmets with flat protection structures, the Voronoi boasts a seamless 3D mesh that enhances stability upon impact.

Made out of carbon kevlar and fiberglass resin with a polystyrene lining.

Voronoi Bike Helmet by Zhecheng Xu, Yuefeng Zhou, and Haiwei Wang.

Mesh Bicycle Helmet

3D Printed Bicycle Helmet

3D Printed Bike Helmet

Mesh Bike Helmet

Voronoi Bike Helmet

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