Tiny World Nail Art

Tiny World Nail Art

Alice Bartlett created beautiful miniature world on her fingernails and filled it with tiny people from the model shop.

Miniature trees and figurines became the subjects of creative photos.

Fingernail Art by Alice Bartlett

Alice Bartlett

Nail Art by Alice Bartlett

Nail Art

Fingernail Art

Miniature World Nail Art

3D Nail Art

3D Fingernail Art

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  1. Smufkin

    That’s funny ^^

  2. Douglas

    Proper nail care will prevent this type of growth.

  3. Amanda

    Oh my god this is awesome. I would love to find a nail polish with a felt like texture, very unique.

  4. Paul Geertsma

    This is just beautiful! I like!

  5. Marjolein van Driel

    Wow, this is awesome. Pure art. Unique art. I like it!

  6. Enrico Martinez

    Got more than one green thumb.
    Foliage now grows on fingers too.

  7. Matt

    very cute

  8. Mark

    How do you mow it? LOL

  9. Larna

    i want the miniature.
    @mark- u made me lol.

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