Edible Guns Made of Ice

Edible Guns Made of Ice

Realistic handguns made from ice by Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth.

Ice gun flavors included frozen coke, water, blackcurrant, and cherry.

Edible Gun

Edible Ice Gun

Edible Ice Guns

Ice Gun

Edible Gun

Realistic Ice Guns

Gun made of Ice

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  1. naza y viqui


  2. yc

    this is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen…

  3. yahknow

    yeah. disturbing. dahh hell?

  4. pete

    this is not cool and uneducated. Not amazing. Totally rediculous. I won’t let me children to play it.

  5. Cyberdemon

    Nice example for children. Put a gun in your mouth.

  6. Steven

    So k3wl.

  7. barn

    The last one, is really disturbing. Wierd job, anyway.

  8. Jeromepark

    Stupid idea. Sucess to buzz. But sucess to vomiting

  9. James Anzalone

    haha cute

  10. Cory

    The handle should be made of plastic so your hands dont get too sticky

  11. Mel

    I will never think this is cool. The only capacity this might be okay would be in a game of assassin. But, that’s it. And children should NOT be allowed to play with these.

  12. Betty

    Bad idea.

  13. marilyn

    that’s just creepy and wrong.

  14. bevin bigalky

    with so many wonderful designers and so many wonderful designs, i am surprised that you would choose a product like this. i don’t think it is cute, nor interesting, nor creative, nor thought-provoking. i think you choosing stuff like this really lowers your profile and cred.

  15. TTV

    I can’t believe you guys are freaking out about this. It’s an art exhibit, not a real product for sale.

    Actually, the only thing that bothers me is that it’d get all over your hands as it melts…

  16. chazzzz

    another reason for the police to shoot you. Not a good idea really, should some one copy

  17. Steve

    HANDS UP……!!!! I’m having ice cream :p

  18. Lillian

    Yeah, amazing idea…

    I think that’s gonna give some problems with tha police =O

  19. jahoo

    Cool idea!

  20. Smith

    This is awesome!! If they had it in stores I would buy it (even for kids)! My whole family grew up around guns and we turned out just fine!

  21. Celzn

    Yeah, not all the entries here are for designers and business-minded people. Not every cool stuff are for sale and for mankind’s benefit, some entries here are just for self expression and made for the sake of art.

    Designers should always look at the context of the entries they give comment to. I totally agree with TTV.

    Art and design are, in a way, the same but are two different concepts.

  22. Kim Phillips

    Fail to see how this is “art”… and just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  23. someone

    @ Celzn.
    the idea that this is art it someone disturbing. it may not benefit society and just supposedly “creative”, but it may give some wrong ideas to children and others who don’t know better.

  24. Chris

    very nice piece of art

  25. Karin L.


  26. Spooky

    ah, haters gonna hate.
    it’s not the responsibility of the designer to raise other people’s children. that’s the parent’s job.
    i’m so sick of people wanting to censor stuff i enjoy just because it’s easier than everyone putting in personal time and effort with their children.
    this is a really cool idea. very amusing.

  27. so

    i love it :D very satirical

  28. Taz

    I don’t care about the moral value or whatever

    but, why?

    I’d rather just have a slurpee.

  29. Critical Eye

    I think what offends me the most is the poor design. As mentioned by another poster, the grip would melt quickly in one’s had, causing a big mess.

    Is it art? Does it make a statement? That’s for the viewer to decide, but it’s not good design.

  30. Kat R

    I believe the intent behind this is not to be violent. At first, the product caught my eye as disturbing by the fact that people were willingly placing guns in their mouths and even smiling. But seeing this as art and not a product that should be sold in stores, I can see the message of how the innocence of a simple thing as a sugary ice pop can be hurting kids’ health. More literally: It would be like having a kid put a gun in his mouth. Overall, I think the edible gun is pretty interesting.

  31. Alee

    Coming from someone who just lost their father to suicide, I am completely offended and disgusted by this.

    This is just stupid and degrading to those who have lost loved ones in this manor.

    I never realized how much our society jokes about suicide on a day to day basis. With a person dying ever 40 seconds because of suicide and that to change to one every 20 seconds by 2020, we need to wake up to the reality that this is a real problem, not something to joke about or make an exhibit out of it.

  32. Reilly

    Go up to a cop and do this haha.

  33. Pete

    Amusing and creative.

  34. virus

    ha ha ha… im so strong that i can even eat the guns and catch fired bullets from my teeth…

  35. pesare bad

    very stupid and ineducable.
    why do you think that is amazing?!

  36. Raads


  37. Kirvi_Inci

    Well, it DOES make a statement. If that is a good or bad one is another thing all together…..

  38. JamJam


  39. Rachel

    NOT FUNNY!!!!!

  40. martim

    Of course, freedom is important; then, once you have used your freedom, people can talk about what you have done with it. And this is a shame of choice, a very stupid idea.

  41. Joel

    Yesssss, it´s very disturbing (though what´s more disturbing is thae fact that people can get real guns quite easily in the US). Anyways, I like it!!!

  42. lasse

    hilarious, love it

  43. Stuart Halliday

    Very unsettling.

    But an interesting and original concept by the artists.

  44. candice devan

    Obviously this is for an art exhibit. People get naked and paint each other and get high,too, for art, does that mean your children will be exposed to that on the streets for which you live? No! Quit being babies and saying that this article lowers the websites standards, one thing about technology, art, etc, is that you should not be single minded, it is about expression, if you cannot accept that, then why are you on a website that is obviously about just that, expression. Toxel shows articles, pictures, etc, of people, just like you, who create things, are they promoting “walking around with a gun in your mouth”? No, they are just showing what someone did for an exhibit. Quit whining…

  45. Vie

    It’s not funny. Not for children, especially.

  46. Clona

    i think it’s pretty cool. just don’t let the children have it.

  47. Doink

    Pretty neat idea, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing this on the market:D

    We’ll be “stuck” with the teddy-bear shaped icecream a long time, these might affect the younger consumers, since the gun symbolizes an act of violence.

    I would make them pink though :D

  48. Jenn

    The attention to detail and their effort to maintain an authentic look by using darker flavorings is very creative.

    An artist named Angela Singer takes dead animals and uses them for art, does that mean kids who go to a museum need to go kill their dogs and paint it?

    The child was most likely a friend of the designers or clearly lectured on the situation. This is obviously a closed set and not something to be released to the public. Who would buy a damn ice flavoured popsicle?

    Following the above ideas, maybe making a revolver and using a plastic wood looking handle to keep away the sticky might work

  49. tdc

    unhealthy eating is suicide. get it? haaa this is rad

  50. ben

    I love it

  51. plecojan

    They ban candy cigarettes but allow yummy guns to stick in your mouth? *shrugs* I don’t get it.

  52. Kevin Salas

    just wait until a cop shoots someone mistaking it for them having a real gun.

  53. blafls

    I find this to be an interesting concept. While suicide may be a growing problem in our society, mainstream culture has placed suicide in an almost dark light. Songs, and even films, about self-destruction being a “sweet and seductive” end to life are becoming very common. This may be an artist’s statement that suicide is becoming “sweet”.

  54. Patrick

    Candy cigarettes aren’t banned. Neither are fake plastic guns that make loud noises when you pull their triggers and which children inevitably use to fake shoot each other. The main difference between those and this is that those aren’t an art piece, but an actual product with no intent other than to have children play “let’s shoot each other.”

    This is pretty funny.

  55. matt

    so wtf happens when a police officer shoots someone who is playing around with a friend, Blame the police, i dont think so

  56. Alert


    Pure genius.

  57. really?

    because a kid is going to actually shoot themselves or someone else because of a goddamn Popsicle.
    You are really ignorant if you actually believe that.

  58. Marcelo Hidalgo

    i’m afraid of americans

  59. tpt

    I don’t think something like this is art. giving people ice shaped guns to put in their mouths. Art is a painting, picture, sculpture, a swan made of ice, not a gun a person puts in their mouth.

  60. ndt

    Stupid idea!
    People will get hurt from this thing!
    Again, Stupid!

  61. amanda

    i bought my son a toy gun not something i do often in fact first one hes had that he hasn’t made out of a stick or was a water pistol. the toy gun had sweets that shot out of it, the first thing he did was stick it in his mouth and pull the trigger i found this very disturbing and made it quite clear that you dont do that. i thank god i dont live in a country were guns are readily available. and i thought this piece of ART worked on many different levels a very successful thought provoking piece.

  62. Jadur

    How can this not be art? Just reading all of the above posts, the praise and anger, is that not what art is meant to inspire emotion?

    I find this to be very intressting and to the point, both highlighting the fact that our socity is eating it way to a early grave, and that suicide rates are to high.

    But I agree that children should not be given these, they are probably loaded with chemicals and sugar, or atleast it should be a partysnack

  63. JJP

    This may be “art”, but how is this at all amusing? Sticking a gun in your mouth, or to someone elses head, is not amusing whatsoever.

  64. Charlie

    I blame George Bush.

  65. Stacey

    Considering how many people are riled up about this, I would definitely call it art.

  66. timmay

    geez, guys you gotta chilll, its just an exhibit nobodys gonna sell em and have people walk on the street with these things ok. its just ice!

  67. Jakup

    Everyone here dogging on this delicious candy is lame. there are baby bottle pop candies. do you all think children are going to eat baby bottles too??

  68. kadal

    this is what i call “deppressed becomes creatives”. know what i mean?

  69. ChEeSe

    wow this isnt something youd put in a kids hand!!

  70. Chas B

    Not creative or innovative in the least. How pathetic…

  71. Ellie

    The girls look like there having fun….

  72. mcgil

    I think this is just wrong. some might think this is funny but i find it disturbing.

  73. OMGWTF

    Just stupid!

  74. J

    I can’t believe how offended people are getting by this. I mean, kids play with water guns, watch violent tv shows, even watching the news is more disturbing. This is actually a really clever and funny satire. People who are getting offended are obviously missing the point and need to realize that a popsicle isn’t about to cause a wave of suicide. If anything it may achieve the contrary.

  75. B

    I agree with J.

  76. Enrico Martinez

    This one I believe is creative, offensive, and dangerous.

    Creative: by making food into a weapon.

    Offensive: by sucking it though a “gun barrel”. People might try sucking a real loaded gun. Should kids be even allowed to suck a gun? (I think not).

    Dangerous: should not be for sale in grocery stores or malls and take it outside the vicinity. Might be mistaken by police as a real gun and got shot because of it. People should be frisked first for guns before going inside these kind of events/displays, because people might use an actual gun and hurt/kill others.

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