Clever Anti-Drinking and Driving Campaign

Anti-Drinking and Driving Campaign

To raise awareness about the negative consequences of drinking and driving, Paraquad, the paraplegic and quadriplegic association of South Australia, added wheels to regular chairs in bars to make them look like wheelchairs.

Don’t drink and drive this festive season

Paraquad Anti-Drinking and Driving Campaign

Clever Anti-Drinking and Driving Campaign

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  1. Chachu Clothing

    Simple and Effective!

  2. ali

    why this ideas never seen in turkey :(

  3. Bas - Istanbul Expat

    Awesome guerrilla marketing idea!

  4. Hit it hard

    Screw drinking. Smoke buds.

  5. drew

    what a buzz kill.

  6. click

    yeah it is so increadiable guerrilla marketing men. cool.

  7. ahmet

    Fantastick! ahmet&333

  8. Barry McCann

    As a wheelchair user im a little insulted that the “normals” would consider that life in a wheelchair is their biggest fear. Life goes on , wheelchair user or not. Id suggest the physical effect would be better. Erectile dysfunction, after a spinal injury,would frighten more men,I think .

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