Collection of Cool Coca-Cola Ads

Cool Coca-Cola Ads

From our Collection of Cool Pepsi Ads post, we learned that many people prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi. What about Coca-Cola advertisements?

This post showcases best print Coca-Cola advertising ideas.

Russian Coca-Cola Advertisement

Coca-Cola advertisement from Russia.

Russian Coca-Cola Advertisement

Creative Coca-Cola Advertisement

Creative Coca-Cola ad on Times Square, Manhattan.

Creative Coca-Cola Advertisement

Coca-Cola “Straw” Advertisement

Creative Coca-Cola advertisement.

Coca-Cola Straw Advertisement

Coca-Cola “Bottle” Advertisement

Giant Coca-Cola bottle on Nanjing Road.

Coca-Cola Bottle Advertisement

Coca-Cola “Truck” Advertisement

Coca-Cola Truck Advertisement

Coca-Cola “Surfer” Advertisement

Coca-Cola advertisement by Ogilvy ad agency.

Coca-Cola Surfer Advertisement

Coca-Cola Light Advertisement

Creative Coca-Cola Light advertisement.

Coca-Cola Light Advertisement

Coca-Cola “Fan” Advertisement

Creative use of a fan to advertise Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola Fan Advertisement

Giant Coca-Cola Advertisement

Giant Coca-Cola advertisement in Shanghai.

Giant Coca-Cola Advertisement

Coca-Cola “Lemon” Advertisement

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Chile.

Coca-Cola Lemon Advertisement

Coca-Cola “Bus” Advertisement

Coca-Cola Bus Advertisement

Coca-Cola “Apartment” Advertisement

Coca-Cola ad on apartment block in Irkutsk, Siberia.

Coca-Cola Apartment Advertisement

Coca-Cola Advertisement from Russia

Coca-Cola advertisement from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Coca-Cola Advertisement from Russia

Coca-Cola Advertisement

A classic never goes out of style.

Coca-Cola Advertisement

Coca-Cola Advertisement in NYC

Lit up Coca-Cola ad in the heart of NYC.

Coca-Cola Advertisement in NYC

Classic Coca-Cola Advertisement

Is quality you trust.

Classic Coca-Cola Advertisement

Collection of Cool Coca-Cola Ads

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  1. CoolGoose

    In mother Russia women like coke :)).

  2. Azra Dark

    in soviet russia, coke drinks you!

  3. Coke

    Coca Cola classic, can’t be the feeling, oh yeah.. can’t beat the real thing, diet… can’t be the feeling!

  4. Winston

    What’s the deal with the “truck” ad? It appears to be the same truck on the same street as the truck ad in the recently digged Pepsi ad collection ( Was one a response to the other, or is one or both faked?

  5. dwhs

    diet coke rules. Drink it everyday

  6. Charlie C

    Why didn’t you guys post a picture the giant Coca Cola bottle made with baseball equipment? It’s at Turner
    Field baseball stadium in Atlanta, Georgia

  7. hannah

    Very interesting ads…

    it make me wanna get a bottle of coca cola now!!

  8. Kodiak

    Lenin must be spinning in his display case.

  9. hannah

    Very interesting ads…

    it make me wanna get a bottle of coca cola now!!


  10. zeeol

    china has so many ad.

  11. Duude


    Yeah they appear all to be fake. I have the same pic from 2006 with a whole different drink.

  12. Jim Jones

    Wow dude, Coca Cola totally ROCKS!


  13. Ken

    I love Coca Cola.

  14. berson

    Coca cola my favourite driks, full sensation and wonderfull idea.

  15. Регистрация товарного знака

    Coca Cola classic, can’t be the feeling, oh yeah.. can’t beat the real thing, diet… can’t be the feeling!

  16. johnny Smity

    What about the giant coke bottle slide at Pac Bell / AT&T park in San Francisco? Now thats a lotta coke

  17. Anthony

    Nice ads

  18. Tobbi

    Wonderful collection. Thx.

  19. mad1982

    First pic funny alot heehee

  20. Jazhara7

    Winston and Duude. They’re entries to the “Rhino Award” (google it. It’s an award in Germany for ads on trucks.). Meaning they hadn’t actually been realised yet. The ideas are submitted, and the winneing entries are presented on actual trucks during the award ceremony. Hence the same backgrounds.

    (This is the third time I am saying this…it gets boring with time, really.)

    – :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  21. sunny sarraf

    dear sir
    i need advertisement pictures of cocacola in which 3 boys and 1 girl was there in college last moment and after then they hear that they are going to all toghether for the next 1 year also.

    Thank you!

  22. saeed

    in iran , the US made things were banned, and I don’t know how Coca Cola started selling from about 12 years ago. but when Coca Cola came to this market, got about 75% of market share!!! , I think nothing tastes like Coca Cola , It makes every meal a better one.

  23. Babu

    Nice Collections, I am very much impressed.

  24. kirtasiye

    Lenin must be spinning in his display case.

  25. yomi sopein


    Ad not that interesting and refreshing like the content itself………coke is cool

    still ok


  26. ingilizce

    What about the giant coke bottle slide at Pac Bell / AT&T park in San Francisco? Now thats a lotta coke

  27. baba

    diet coke rules. Drink it everyday

  28. Morna

    You write very well.

  29. anjali

    Nice collection. 1st ad was clssique.

  30. bubbles game

    very interesting and colorfull photos, thanks

  31. gazeteci

    Nice collection. 1st ad was clssique.

  32. mazed

    I liked the “straw”, “Truck”, “Fan” advertisements most. “Straw” is the funniest!!!!

  33. Marc

    hey guys i was just wondering if anyone wanted to be my friend since i dont have any friends. the ppl at school say i dont have any friends cause im a homo and my breath smells like baidirs asshole. its probabl true tho considering hpw much we interact with eachother

  34. jayday101

    i hate coke its horrible i prefer pepsi

  35. jayday101

    although the truck ad is highly effective

  36. Chaitanya

    I love pepsi over coke. Of all, the Classic Coke advertisement is good.

  37. Robert Croy

    The MOST Beautiful Advertisement for Coca Cola is
    “I want to teach the World to Sing”
    It has Universal Appeal.

    Railroad Crossing

  38. fats

    nanjing rd is in shanghai – same large bottle…

  39. Jon

    In mother russia, diet coke drinks you! Also, my hot dog smells like goat cheese, if you know what I mean.

  40. TV Spy

    really cool ads, I had one from japan where the bottles were shaped like a grenade. I don’t know why but they were pretty cool looking.

  41. Vetman

    These people sure are clever at conning people into buying stuff!

  42. Orre

    Its superb. Some are boring others are humorous like the straw. Why keep a big bottle in the house suck it from inside da’ house and its Cola Coca or Coca Cola! Chao!!

  43. Orre

    The Penguins enjoys the worlds products also! look at it or it stole from the man?

    Marvelous thinking!!

  44. manoj sebastian

    I love coca cola

  45. Bizimana

    am happy to see how others can have such imagination.
    i’d like to ask if those people who have created those posters have been paid or not.

  46. Bong

    wow!! this collection of ads is just amazing!!

  47. waseem

    east or west coke is the BEST

  48. Sue Larson

    AT&T Park has the large Coke bottle in Centerfield. There use to be bubbles coming out of the top – they are no longer there. Where did they go? Why were they removed?


  49. adefemi davies

    I run an integrated marketing communications agency, and I must say, a lot of these revolutionary ads are not in Nigeria, where I operate. I’m getting a whole lot of ideas just seeing these ads… thumbs up.


  50. Валентин Родионов

    Вообще, когда читаешь такое, посещает мысль, а ведь это ж так просто, ну почему я это не смог придумать Респект автору :)

  51. Yomi Popoola

    Coca Cola, you can’t beat the feeling, its continuous innovations all through, continuous exercising of initiatives. Adios, Kudos.

  52. ashley lopez

    I don’t get what they’re advertising in these pictures.

  53. me

    good coke ads!

  54. yoteun

    Love the straw advertisment!

  55. doc

    drink water…is better….

  56. andrew

    ohhhhh japan

  57. khulan

    i love cherry coca cola. cool drink….is better

  58. rehaz

    there is nothing in the world better than coke,

  59. Linda Walker

    I remember when my grandmother would take me to grocery store when I was little, and would buy me a coca-cola out of the machine for 5c, then it was 6c, then 7c, I do remember this. lol. Linda

  60. Alina

    I love Coca-Cola It is always Best…………..!!!!

  61. Kinoriiiiih

    Did i miss something on the russian one? Or is a russian man drinking coke supposed to be funny somehow? :S

  62. Ninja Egg :D

    I love the ads toxel puts on here. Coke is awesome too!

  63. Broadwayfan

    Nothing, nothing, NOTHING beats the genius of Coca Cola ads!!
    It’s my obsession!!!

  64. Joviz


  65. manish

    there is nothing like coke and nothing tastes like it……..

  66. marjorie cassidy

    I totally disagree with the coca cola ad in which a mother gives her family coca cola to drink with their meal. This ad is false in that it promotes coca cola as a healthy choice with meals. We know it is not. I realize that my writing this message will not have any impact, but I feel compelled to express my opinion.

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