Super Mario Wedding Invitations

Super Mario Wedding Invitations

Creative invitations made by Larry Quach for the Super Mario Bros. themed wedding of his friends Esther and Ryan.

Talented artist designed and constructed unique letters that look like NES cartridges and created question mark boxes with chocolate gold coins.

Super Mario Wedding

Mario Wedding Invitations

Super Mario Wedding Invitation

Mario Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitations



Super Mario

Mario Card


Vegeterian Meal

Mario Coins

Wedding Invitation

For more inspiration, check out: Super Mario Inspired Products

  1. Shirley

    that’s adorable =]

  2. Lilia Smiles

    SO CUTE!!! I love the thing under the caution “until game over do us part.” So mushy but we all fall for it!

  3. MMM

    Love all the details. Wonder what the wedding was like?

  4. oyikk

    very very nice !!! :D

  5. Mon Sun C

    That’s awesome. Very creative and very cute. Congrats to the cute couple!

  6. Katie

    SO CUTE! I love these.

  7. Angie

    You are now my inspiration. Totally wondering what the wedding was like.

  8. James Ward

    The wedding was great until some gorilla showed up and started throwing barrels. The bride and groom became quite pixelated.

  9. KKL


  10. Africa

    Awesome. I love creative stuff like that, especially for weddings when they take some of the stuffiness out of them.

  11. andrew

    I don’t suppose he wants to create one for me?

  12. Joanna Craig

    Are the wedding invitations or some variant for sale?

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