Extreme Staircase Designs

Extreme Staircase Designs

Series of unique staircases designed by Sabina Lang & Daniel Baumann.

Creative extreme stairs were installed in cool and dangerous locations.

Extreme Stairway

Extreme Bridge

Extreme Staircase

Extreme Stairs

Extreme Steps

Extreme Flight of Stairs

Stairway to Heaven

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  1. Juan Rubio

    Very Cool! Albeit dangerous, but interesting stair designs nonetheless. These designs definitely force you to slow down and take each step carefully, something that contrasts nicely with today’s fast paced world.

  2. Chedie

    I could almost imagine America’s Next Top Model taking on the challenge of having a ramp show here! XD

  3. Julie

    These make me scared just looking at them!

    Also, I like Juan Rubio’s comments.

  4. Bajo


  5. enav

    extreme stupid and dangerous

  6. Daniel

    This will never work in Germany, except as non-funktional art or when it is only seen as a picture without the ability to walk on!

  7. Doink

    This kind of stairs might work indoors and for low heights. For the last design for example, the stairs are too high and the wind would simply knock you down. I believe that those are just for show-off, completely non-functional.
    The law forces the architect to build safe indoor access to all floor levels, so yes, I do believe that some are just to make people go “what the…”

  8. alexlim

    looking at these gives me goosebumps….

    very interesting

  9. Erin


  10. Mapache

    @Erin: Is not “fake”. Call it ‘concept’.

    Lacks of fuctionality and ppopouse. And as a piece of art, i’ts hardly undesrtandable. …I guess this is in the limbo betwen desing and expression.

  11. James Anzalone

    I’m shocked how many people are commenting on the functionality of these stairs..

    ..Isn’t it obvious that traditional functionality is not important here..

    Thank god we have people at home on their computers to let us all know how horribly designed and dangerous these stairs will be.. useless! Lets just throw them out. What sort of idiot would want stairs like this in their home?

  12. André Schrei

    This is art, I don’t care if it’s “fake” as erin said… if this is real I believe it’s freaking awesome… Juan Rubio is soooo right

  13. enkay

    They could have done a better job at the photoshop in these. The concepts themselves are not clever but sensational for the sake of being sensational. Tiresome

  14. Alex


  15. aaronzo

    mmmm, I guess you can propose any surrealistic concept thru photoshop, it’s like writing a very short story
    in pictures.
    when it blurs the line between fact and fiction interesting things can happen

  16. tdatx

    Please look at the references. These are art installations.

  17. JHO

    Come on people, these are real! Just really bad planning.

  18. Chad

    If these were real they would be extremely dangerous and not pass codes in the US. However, as a concept they do tend to remind me of a certain fear of heights when railings aren’t present.

  19. Atavar

    The difference between a beautifully designed object and a piece of art is that design always serves a function. The stairs that go out one window and in another barely a foot apart? Art.

    That said, they really are cool.

  20. Kolin

    excellent, ‘stairs’ that keep you on the same floor.



  21. Anna

    i had one of these in a bad dream before

  22. Raads

    LOL @ Kolin! they should be named like Extremeley pointless stairs… although i do have interest in some of them, the others are just plain stupid (referring to what Kolin said)

  23. Julie

    wow i wudnt want to fall down those stairs.

  24. Benjamin Christine

    Really great! especially the one through the window and in again!

  25. sarah

    They’re like Mario levels. I love them. Genius art concepts. If I had the bucks, I’d build something like this. Amazing.

  26. he

    Stupid, Dangerous, useless…

    Man that’d be so cool to have though lol. You could have some room that you have to walk outside on the stair like that to get too. :D

  27. nicole

    its not stupid. its art.
    and art isn’t for all.
    some people just can’t appreciate ideas like these.
    not everything in this world has to be useful.
    call it stupid if its trying to make sense.
    but its not even trying.
    it simply boggles the sensible mind.

  28. ChEeSe

    I THINK Its AWESOME!! but in some of those it would be scary if ur afraid of heights!!

  29. Louie

    reminds me a lil of Tsutomu Nihei’s stairs XS

  30. Georgia

    It is very cool but, it is dangerous!

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