12 Unusual Foods and Drinks

12 Unusual Foods and Drinks

Delicious looking food products and unusual drinks from all over the world.

Pizza Burger

Burger King’s New York Pizza Burger has over 2,500 calories.

Pizza Burger

Tru Blood

HBO series True Blood inspired Tru Blood O Positive beverage.

Tru Blood


Pineberry is a mix of white strawberries and pineapples.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Pepper

Home grown green pepper looks like one of the Ninja Turtles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Pepper

Bacon Turtleburger

Handmade beef patties topped with cheese and wrapped in bacon.

Bacon Turtleburger

Ice Cream in Istanbul

There is really nothing special about the ice cream, but the way you get your order is quite unique…

Pizza Taco

Pizza Taco

Bread Gloves

Make anything into a sandwich with a pair of bread gloves.

Bread Gloves

Nutella Snack and Drink

Snack tray from Nutella comes with three compartments filled with bread sticks, chocolate and iced tea.

Nutella Snack and Drink

Dexter Candy

Blood slides candy inspired by the popular TV show Dexter.

Dexter Candy

Pepsi White

Limited edition Yogurt flavored Pepsi was released in Japan.

Pepsi White

Recursive Pizza

Twenty mini pizzas were used as toppings on one large pizza.

Recursive Pizza

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  1. missingblink

    Where did they find a pizza box so giant?

  2. mario martz

    YUM YUM i want that pizza taco!

  3. Reilly

    The bread gloves can not possibly exist. If they do, the inventor fails at life and should go crawl under a rock and eat his fingers wearing those.


  4. William

    The bread gloves are fake.

  5. Ging

    I’m sure I wouldn’t be as patient in waiting for my ice cream order!

  6. Taz

    The ice cream vendor is so awesom-WHY THE HELL ARE THERE BREAD GLOVES?

  7. Maltazer

    Bread gloves + Pizza Taco = WIN

  8. secret


  9. Doink

    Recursive pizza WIN!

  10. Aertryn


  11. Raads

    the Icecream in Istanbul is ABSOLUTLEY FABULOUS! its soo cool man, i love it! u would have to have some awesone talent for that dudes! :D

  12. Julie

    wow the only things that were sensible was the ice cream and the nuttela thingy.
    the rest are just death!

  13. Andaloudog

    That Nutella pack is diabolical. America NEEDS this. At least, I do.

  14. Darrell

    Most of these kinda made me sick. The Dexter candy is so cool, though!

  15. jumanicus

    @ missingblink obviously its a normal size pizza with mini pizzas on top, use ur brain. and the yogurt pepsi makes me sick, ive had it b4, not a good idea lol

  16. timmay

    hahahahahaha wow the ice cream video is funny

  17. G Loaf


    idk wht you guys are talkin about, the bread gloves are amazing

    and I would have PUNCHED tht ice cream guy, you dont mess with me when it comes to ice cream!!

    pizza taco is retarted

  18. Arabian

    love the NUTELA :D

    and ISTANBUL ice cream amazing but Iwont be so patient like this japanese

  19. Benjamin Christine

    the gloves are brilliant!

  20. Chief Roberts

    I’d knock that Ice cream guy out!!!!!

  21. jaqi mugo

    Great post. Innovative and delicious!

  22. ali

    “Pepsi White” we call it “doogh” in persian n it’s an traditional drink!

  23. E.coli

    Am I the only one who finds the idea of yogurt pepsi repulsive?

  24. Cory

    rediculous photoshop on the breadgloves. the very first thing i noticed.

  25. mike

    no E.coli i find it repulsive but really tho thats like when they brought out pepsi blue in canada it didnt last what so ever

  26. Larna

    Some of the ideas are brilliant..but scary to eat tho’. GOod job peeps!

  27. Me!

    bread gloves look so fake. these nutella thingies alredy existed in france ages age. if i was that Japanese guy, id have smacked him one! (the server). pepsi is just wierd, its 2 strange 4 me. the pineberries look weird but id like 2 try 1.

  28. cycarla

    pizza taco looks gross.

  29. Bogan_Bob

    ice-cream guy in istanbul is awesome. some of the other ideas are great as well and would probably love to try them all just once. emphasis on the once. ;D

  30. Lil' Diva

    LOL! some of these look delish, yet some grossed me out.

  31. ali coyne

    that strarberrys look so weired but i wish i could try them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. jake

    Most of these are fake. The pineberries are real, but not a strawberry pineapple hybrid. That simply isnt possible. And the bread gloves…fake. Also, the yogurt pepsi i NOT limited edition in japan. its a common flavouring for soda over there. Take calpico for instance.

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