15 Unusual Energy Drinks

15 Unusual Energy Drinks

Collection of weird and the most unusual energy drinks from all over the world.

Duff Energy Drink

Energy drink inspired by a fictional brand of beer from the animated series The Simpsons.

Duff Energy Drink

Glow in the Dark Energy Drink

Nite Owl combines a unique energy drink, a glow-in-the-dark shot glass tray, and dry ice.

Glow in the Dark Energy Drink

LiftOff Energy Drink

Portable energy drink helps fight physical and mental fatigue.

LiftOff Energy Drink

Super Mario Energy Drink

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Power Up! Energy Drink.

Super Mario Energy Drink

Mana Energy Drink

Mana Energy Potion was created with gamers in mind. Each tiny shot is loaded with 160mg of caffeine and tons of other energy boosters.

Mana Energy Drink

Duracell Battery Energy Drink

Cool energy drink spotted in the nether-regions of Bratislava.

Duracell Battery Energy Drink

Tru Blood Energy Drink

Fictional energy drink created to promote “True Blood” TV show.

Tru Blood Energy Drink

Hand Grenade Energy Drink

Unusual grenade inspired 250ml energy drink with a pull tab.

Hand Grenade Energy Drink

Vodka Energy Drink

P.i.n.k. is a caffeine infused vodka imported from the Netherlands and blended with guaraná extract.

Vodka Energy Drink

Tylenol Energy Drink

Loren Kulesus has designed a Tylenol energy drink that would reduce pain and provide energy without the caffeine.

Tylenol Energy Drink

Light Bulb Energy Drink

In originally designed light bulb shaped bottle, Gloji drink is all about energy, antioxidants and balanced health.

Light Bulb Energy Drink

Electrical Straw Energy Drink

This clever Chinese energy drink comes with a straw that looks like an electrical plug.

Electrical Straw Energy Drink

Pac-Man Energy Drink

Fully licensed energy drinks with Pac-Man graphics on them, spotted in a Sunrise Record store on Yonge Street in Toronto.

Pac-Man Energy Drink

Cocaine Energy Drink

Highly caffeinated energy drink that contains three and a half times (280 mg) the caffeine of a more popular energy drink, Red Bull.

Cocaine Energy Drink

Blood Energy Drink

Blood Energy Potion looks and tastes like real blood and comes in a resealable, transfusion-style blood bag. [more]

Blood Energy Drink

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  1. Reilly

    Wow… Drink 5 cocaines and I’d be bouncing off the walls… literally. I’ve seen the Mario and Pac-Man ones before, too.

  2. Billy

    The wine of “酒” from the pic, does it come from chinese?
    Wine and Soft drink is ok, the blood.. Er…so

  3. Yokiy

    I like this one:

    In originally designed light bulb shaped bottle, Gloji drink is all about energy, antioxidants and balanced health.

    Seems better

  4. Karen

    woah, a few days ago i saw the blood bag energy drink on this site, but i just saw now that IT TASTES LIKE BLOOD?! thats so weird. but wow, you would be bouncing off the walls after drinking cocaine…

  5. dotndot

    Great collection…This post really gave an energy to the design.

  6. chelseafcrox

    Ahaha I love how LiftOff is a “portable” anergy drink…

  7. Batterycentury

    Aha, I want to drink them all, seems delicious!

  8. Moinid

    Super Mario is the best!

  9. Tangle

    Um i’m with Karen – TASTES LIKE BLOOD?! That is slightly weird to me…

    I want to know how the Tylenol reduces pain?

  10. MartinNr5

    There are numerous energy drinks that are even more bizarre than these, I know because I collect them. :) As of now I’m up to around 100 cans (I only collect cans) but I guesstimate that there are at least 6-800 different cans out there.

    A couple of my favourites are Semtex (named after the explosive), Kalashnikow (with a ‘w’), Erectus and Die Blaue Sau (The Blue Sow – as in female pig).

    I haven’t updated my blog for a very long time due to lack of time but there are a couple of funny ones there (http://icollectenergy.blogspot.com/).

    Feel free to tip me off to any cans you find and I’ll do my best to add them to my collection. :)

  11. JMB

    It actually doesn’t taste like blood. It actually tastes reminiscent of Hawaiian Punch. It just looks and feels like Blood.

  12. Julie

    Ew glad other folk noticed the Blood Energy drink one TASTES like real blood.. that’s gross…

  13. hallowe'en flavr

    the mana and health ones are so cute! where can i get cocaine?

  14. B

    The post the blood energy drink was first featured in says “This fruit punch flavored energy drink…”

    ThinkGeek also describes the drink: “Yummy fruit punch flavor.”

    Someone messed up, because it doesn’t taste like blood.

  15. Hristo

    I like that Cocaine drink, it’s really strong and has nice taste. It’s way better than RedBull

  16. Tim

    They forgot 2 that are unusual because of actual health benefits- something almost unheard of in this market.


  17. Anirtak

    tastes like blood… gross!!!

  18. Agutdib

    cute for collection

  19. Carol

    Try looking at Rev3 – made from green tea, fruit sugar (healthier alternative) and contains healthy energy supplements – no guarana, etc. – low caffeine. Doesn’t spike your blood sugar or crash you! Click on the website, then products, then Rev3.

  20. Bang Roneh

    Mantabz bro…

  21. Chopski

    I picked up a can of Obama energy drink in Chicago during the elections… collectors item?

  22. Carlos

    The try blood drinkk maynee!:D

  23. Maggie

    Omg I love the cocaine drink. It’s really good. I think I got it at 7-11

  24. Fresh

    I am DEFINITELY a fan of the Super Mario energy drink

  25. rosa

    omg where do u get the tru blood drink… i want it! :D x

  26. timmay

    @ tangle, they prolly put some tylenol thingys in the energy drink. but other than that i like them all especially the mario

  27. tom

    Bomba is delicious.
    Too bad the only place i could get it closed.

  28. alisox

    I’m a little creeped out by the blood one….

  29. iMishux

    Lol I love all of them. They are pretty creative But the Blood one is the one Im most curious about how it would taste owo

  30. sanju

    lol i love all of them

  31. Alice

    I want the cocaine one. Imagine all the energy you would get from that!

  32. rose

    haha i actually have the blood transfusion one hanging in my room, it doesn’t taste like blood at first lol, for the first 5 seconds it taste like fruit punch and then as it goes down your throat it starts feeling thick like blood and your mouth feels like its full of iron. it makes a better decoration then a drink lol!

  33. fiver

    I hated the cocaine drink, it tasted weird at first, than after it went down there was a horrible burn in my throat. i mean who makes a ‘spicy hot’ flavored drink? i love spicy food, but geeze that was a little to far. Though if you’d like to try it yourself, you can get it at Thinkgeek.com for 1.99 a can. I’d love to try the blood one, and idk why it says tastes like blood cuz every other time ive seen it, it says great fruity flavor.

  34. Kandi

    The True Blood isn’t an energy drink, it’s just a blood orange flavored soda.

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