Tattooed Porcelain Figurines

Tattooed Porcelain Figurines

Beautiful figurines made by Jessica Harrison are covered in full body tattoos.

Porcelain figurines wear elegant dresses and proudly display their tattoos.

Created for the “FLASH” art exhibition at Galerie LJ in Paris, France.

Tattooed Porcelain Figurine

Tattooed Porcelain Figures

Tattooed Porcelain Figure

Tattooed Porcelain Figurines by Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison Tattooed Porcelain Figurines

Jessica Harrison Figures

Jessica Harrison Porcelain Figures

Jessica Harrison Porcelain Figurines

Jessica Harrison Tattooed Porcelain Figures

Jessica Harrison Figurines

Jessica Harrison

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  1. Frank Meijer


  2. Divinity

    Wow it is a new perspective for me on these figures. So used to seeing these in a very lady-like fashion and now embellished makes me want to take a second look.

  3. Kathy

    These are really interesting, and Ms Harrison is obviously very skilled in working with porcelain – the dolls are beautiful. It is ‘disturbing’ to see the tattoos here since they look so out of context with the way we expect to see from this ‘class’ of woman, and this type of art – but, she has made even the tattoos somewhat delicate (okay, not all of them).

    This is a wonderful visual ‘collision’ that really makes the viewer think about the stereotypes we carry.

  4. Michele

    Interesting that on the one she uses a spider web tattoo on the elbow. The spider web indicates that the wearer has or is “doing time” in prison.

  5. Swiper Fox

    concept copied from tattooed Lego?

  6. Thunder

    Really cool! It’s indeed a new perspective on these kind of statues. However, I would have liked to have seen a wider range of statues. These are princess-like. What would happen when you would make one of a peasant girl tending to her sheep or a young couple in full-body tattoos sitting beneath a tree? I see statues like these everywhere in my grandmothers home.

  7. Jori

    Awesome! I want one!!

  8. Chri5


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